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The talents within hair artist David Barron, the creative force behind Barron's London Salon, in Atlanta, GA are simply amazing. Lucky for us, David agreed to let us pick his brain about inspiration, industry standards, and education. Check out our exclusive interview below to learn more about David, and what fuels his passion for hair artistry.

Tell us why you are passionate about participating in industry contests like NAHA?
For me, winning a NAHA is like winning a Grammy Award for music or an Oscar for acting. The competition recognizes the best of the best in the hair and beauty industry. It is an honor to have industry greats, whom I greatly respect, to recognize my work as artistic, creative and excellent in terms of skill and execution.

What was the most exciting part of creating your collection this year?
This year what excited me most was being able to work with and create a variety of hairstyles on various canvases that I had not previously shot before. I had a variety of colors and styles that came together as a cohesive collection. Seeing red, blonde and dark brown hair colors with various textures and styles work together as a whole was very exciting.

What was your inspiration for it and how did you select your team for the shoot?
My inspiration was definitely textured fabrics like knits, crotchets, fuzzy, smooth, all varieties. My team was a team I had shot with before. Jack Eames, the photographer has had his work nominated across the globe and I like his style of photography and how he works on set. Maddie Austin and Clare, the stylist and makeup artist are true artists in their field and I was excited to have them bring my hair creations to life with the clothing and makeup.

What impact does creating editorial collections like your NAHA collection have on your day to day in salon life?
When you enter a competition like NAHA your day to day salon life becomes much more inspired. You become more creative behind the chair with your regular clients and think more out of the box. Everything becomes an inspiration or idea for your next collection.

When do you feel most inspired and what gives you inspiration?
I feel most inspired when I look at the work of classic industry greats like Vidal Sassoon, Trevor Sorbie, Nicholas French, Vivienne McKender, etc. Going back and looking at the styles and cuts that changed the hair industry and set the stage for new eras in our field makes me want to find that next thing that will break the barriers down into something new for the hair industry.

If you could change the industry as a whole, what would you change?
I would want the industry as a whole to be taken more seriously not only by the clients, but by the education system as well. Students, in some cases, leave school and do not understand the additional education and assisting experience they may need to be great. This leads to mediocrity in our industry. On the flip side, clients may not value the amount of hard work and education that it takes to be great in this industry, which creates a catch 22. Overall trying to elevate the industry to a higher standard for education which in turn would create an awareness to clients would be incredible.

Do you have a favorite image from your entries and why is that one special to you?
My favorite image from this year’s entry is the image with crocheted hair. I took strands of human hair and literally hand crocheted them to create the final result. Because I had never done this, I took a course to learn how to crotchet and I am very proud of how it turned out! The look is very organic and intricate, which I love.


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