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An element that transcended all fashion trends this year was the inclusion of individuality; a beauty trend that built upon embracing natural texture and personal style. This season’s individuality shined in all shapes, forms and sizes and gives promising hope for a season full of bespoke trends to come. Although there were a few underlying hair staples, every model was free to rock their own version. Take a peek at some of our favorite trends and enjoy making them your own.

Ponytails – Until recently, the ponytail has been reserved for the gym, washing your face and sweltering days. This season, a simply classic turned into a statement piece. With fashion taking on exaggerated silhouettes and faces opting for a fresh look, sweeping the hair out of the face was the perfect compliment. To get an impeccable pony you can either start off with your air-dried hair or perform a directional blow-dry to get your hair to fall just right. For a loose, ethereal ponytail - prep hair with foam #bigvolume to ensure your tendrils are volumized. Once dry add a dusting of powder #round2 to separate your movement, then pull hair back toward the nape of the neck and secure. If you want a more slick version, use a combination of gel #mixitstrong and spray glue #dirtyfinish to keep hair close to the scalp. Set it apart by adding a piece of hair jewelry, a scarf or metallic string around your creation to embellish it.

Micro-braids – With a free-spirited vibe, the micro braid is the perfect accessory for any style – straight, wavy or curly.  This style instantly enhances any look whether it is a fresh blowout or a day old wave. For a fresh style, prep hair with polish #mixitsoft and blow-dry straight or with a wave. Separate a few tendrils of hair and lightly mist with spray glue #dirtyfinish to add grit and hold. Then braid hair into desired style and secure with a clear elastic. If working on second day hair, simply add dry shampoo #comeclean to your prep and follow the same steps!

Don’t Mess With Nature: Embracing your natural hair pattern is one of our favorite trends to have emerged from the last few seasons. If your hair is straight – try out foam #bigvolume and powder #round2 to add dimension to your blowouts. If you’re on the wavy side – add sea salt spray #catchawave to accentuate that wave pattern and spray glue #dirtyfinish to rough up the texture, creating volume and a lively feel.

No matter the texture or density of your hair, INDIE HAIR has a product for your hair type. Mix, match and play with INDIE to create any style your heart desires!  

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dry shampoo #comeclean

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sea salt spray #catchawave