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As popularity grows with sharing hair tutorials on Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube, Braids have become a go-to style for all occasions. Whether you are going for a relaxed look or searching for a romantic braid for a special day, a braid will always keep you looking trendy and flawless.

Take a peek at the video below and discover how simple and quick the very popular Dutch Braid is to create and how the accessorizing with a hair jewels and added texture can completely change the look!



Tools and Products Needed:

  • The Sam Villa TEXTUR® Iron: This is what she used to create the volume and texture in her braid, resulting in a much thicker and more dramatic Dutch Braid.
  • Sam Villa Styling Brush: After adding the texture to the hair, use a styling brush to brush through the texture and remove tangles prior to braiding.
  • Pink Pewter Beaded Hair Jewels: Not only are these gorgeous, but each jewel is handmade giving the style the final touches it needs to accentuate this already gorgeous braid!
  • Click HERE to shop for Pink Pewter headbands and hair accessories.


We love this quick, beautiful and simple style!

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