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Written By: Kellie Carlson

As baseball season comes into full swing (pun intended), baseball caps become routinely incorporated into your wardrobe. Whether you’re a true fan or just use the hats to hide unwashed hair, you love to rock this sporty look for spring. Though a baseball cap is great for hiding hair, you dread the times during the day when you have to take it off. What is once your trusty sidekick then becomes your enemy as it creates unwanted hat hair. But don’t let this keep you from going baseball cap-free. With these tips you can have great hair— whether it’s hat-on or hat-off. 


Keep away the flyways: Every time you remove your hat, you can sense the millions of flyways that break free from your once-straight style. Some of use have tried to calm them down with water from the bathroom sinks at the stadium to no avail— and boys wonder why we spend so long in the restroom. In order to reduce these pesky things, use a smoothing serum. This serum will help fight frizz and maintain a sleek look. For best results, apply to damp hair then style as desired. Throw on your hat and head to the game because those flyways are about to strikeout. 


Batter-Up with Braids: If you have some seriously gnarly helmet hair, then braids are your best friend. A braided style will keep your hair on lock down, so it won’t even have the chance to sneak a run on you when you take your hat off. For the best braids, use a smoothing cream before blowdrying. Then, apply a small amount of gel to prevent potential flyways. After creating the braid, finish with hairspray for added hold. This product combo is sure to steal a home run against your hat hair. 


Wave hello to victory: Sometimes, the best way to counter messy hat hair is with a messy style. If you have textured waves, then your baseball cap and your hat hair will be the losing team. Before styling, apply a texturizing spray to give your hair an UN.DONE feel. Then you can create loose waves with a wand or a larger curling iron. Let you waves cool, then complete the style with a dry finishing hairspray. This dry spray has great holding power, but will still allow your hair to maintain movement. Relaxed waves will allow you to hangout in the baseball stands without having to worry about anything but your team’s score. 


So don’t strikeout with baseball caps just because of hat hair. With these tips, you’ll be able to step up you hair game and play in the major leagues.