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Whether you’ve been active in No-Shave November, Movember, or simply like pissing off your better half with the hair on your face, you might as well get a cut to complement your facial hair. If you insist on being on the shaggier side on the lower half of your face, you’d be surprised at how a cut can completely change your entire look. Below are some of our signature cuts that we feel will enhance your overall look based on your facial hair choices.


The ‘Stache – Yes, okay… we know. The 70s are back in fashion, Tom Selleck is your hero, and it’s for a great cause! Which is why we suggest the HARD PART POMPADOUR. This style will show off your ‘stache in style and accentuate the lines of your upper lip. To ensure this cut fits the part, finish your style with Reuzel Pomade Blue and comb it into place. 



The Scruff – Because any man can grow a little stubble, throw on a flannel shirt and look as though they just got done chopping wood. We actually love this look for men, who wants to shave everyday anyway? As much as we love the scruff, you need to learn how to keep your haircut in check to accentuate your best features. Opt for a QUIFF, this style sets the stage for a furrier look. By cleaning up your sides, you’ll be able to get away with anything on your face. To achieve your full range of volume, apply Reuzel Grooming Tonic to your quiff and blow dry to perfection!




The Mini-Beard – Trying to keep the girlfriend happy by not going full ham? We get it. If you need to keep your beard tidy and trim, you can at least have a little fun with your haircut. The LONG TRIM POMPADOUR is the best cut to accentuate your beard without getting you into too much trouble. It has fading along the sideburn, which blends perfectly into your well-kept facial hair to make it pop. Don't forget to grab Reuzel Grooming Tonic to keep your contour in control with a natural feeling hold. 




The “Do You Even Have A Chin?” Beard – Sorry to break it to you, but Duck Dynasty got cancelled, you can still keep it for solidarity though. Since we know you like to keep it long, the CLASSIC POMPADOUR with a bit of texture added is your best option. It allows you the ability to comb your hair back and have a little fun with your texture. We know you don't like being tied down, so if you want more movement in your style Reuzel Grease Green is your best bet!



There you have it Scumbags, now get to growing, all we ask is that you get a proper haircut to accentuate that facial hair. For even more style inspiration, be sure to stalk Reuzel on Bangstyle and check out all of their stellar supplies!