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In this tutorial, we learn key concepts of how to create a style with volume and flair. This look is perfect for an editorial and can be the foundation for an everyday style! Take a peek at the steps below and see how you can braid and tease your way to perfection!  


Section & Prep

  1. Micro-crimp every other section to create a sleek but voluminous texture.
  2. Section hair into 3 pie-shaped sections, starting from the apex down to the nape. Clip back section away to use for later.
  3. Leave two 1-inch horizontal sections at the nape.




  1. Divide left and right pie sections in half and braid each subsection into an inside out braid, securing with elastic.



  1. With the nape sections, French braid each subsection horizontally with both braids going in opposite directions to act as an anchor for extensions. 




  1. Sew wefts onto the nape braids with thread and STITCH by Daniel Roldan.



  1. Starting at the top of front braids, pull ribbon through and and tie one side to the STITCH. STITCH throughout braids in a zig-zag pattern and tie off with an elastic. Repeat on the other side.




  1. Tease extensions and hair to create allover volume.



You can create so much with a braid, a comb, and a STITCH! Stalk Daniel Roldan Hair Styling Co. on Bangstyle and Follow them on Instagram for the latest in inspiration!