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Thick Hair Don't Care.... wait we do care!

As if dealing with thick hair isn’t time consuming and frustrating enough, let’s throw in a dry and frizzy finish and I bet you are ready to lose your mind!

The main struggle with thick hair is the maintenance! From proper products, blow drying and styling, it’s a long process and sometimes we just aren’t up for the routine so, we cut corners in an attempt to get the job done sooner! But guess what, that makes it all worse.

By cutting corners you are actually creating more work for yourself which then results into a cringe worthy frizzy finish and let's not even talk about the frustration.

Take a step back, breathe and let’s talk about the solutions.


First Up, The Washing!

If you are like the majority of us thick hair beauties, you find yourself running out of Conditioner well before the Shampoo. We suggest you invest in a higher concentrated conditioner; this will save you time and money in the long run.

Avoid ANY and ALL Shampoos and Conditioners that provide extra volume and body, for obvious reasons we just don’t need more.

Because we are working with frizzy hair, the best solution is to hydrate the hair. We suggest using a hydrating and smoothing system such as Redken Frizz Dismiss Shampoo and Conditioner. Not only will this smooth unwanted frizz and hydrate the hair, it actually prevents the hair from going flat and frizzy from humidity. After you finish washing, we suggest a leave in lotion treatment or oil to create continuous hydration.

If you find yourself with a little frizz post shower try using Redken Frizz Dismiss FPF 30 leave in oil treatment, this works wonders!!!!



Blow Drying: The blow dry is where we tend to really cut corners and it’s the on factor that makes ALL the difference.

Anyone with thick hair knows that your hair just really won’t ever and I mean EVER dry, so don’t pretend it’s going too. Work in small sections, I know this takes patience but I promise it’s going to save you time and frustrations. Make sure every section is fully dry before moving on to the next. We suggest using boar bristle brushes to help smooth and stretch the hair, this will not only help with the frizz but it will add shine as well.

A boar bristle round brush will smooth out flyaways and stretch the hair for a shiny a sleek finish! Watch this video for tips on blow drying your hair with a round brush.

HOT TIP: Once the hair is dry, using your cool shot button on your dryer, blow dry the hair to close the cuticle which will set the style and add shine!

Flat Iron: If you plan on straightening the hair with a flat iron the key is to work in small sections and to go slow! A million passes through one section will only cause more damage, which results in more frizz. Slow it down and don’t forget your heat protectant.

HOT TIP: To smooth out frizz on the crown check out this tip below.

Again steer clear of any finishing products that say EXTRA volume or body. These products really tend to dry out the hair and we all know dry hair equals more frizz. Focus on lotions, oils, and creams!

Additional Care

  • When you have thicker hair, you obviously have more hairs to actually reach. Really take the time to make sure your products are distributed evenly and especially when you are conditioning, take extra time to massage the conditioner into the ends.
  • Invest in a hydrating deep conditioner and apply once a week.
  • Be careful with sea salt sprays, these dry the hair out can create more frizz than curls.
  • If you have further issues with frizzy hair, be sure to talk with your stylists about different haircuts than can help.

If you have any questions about how to deal with your thick and frizzy hair, please leave them in the comment box below!

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