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As styles change, fashion demands us to learn new techniques, it gives us as stylists a chance to bend the rules and suggest new looks. This season we have seen a resurgence of longer locks, as an ode to the 70s vibe we love so much. With this presents new challenges and new areas to learn! “Mid to longer hair on men can be a challenge to style because their hair doesn’t have enough length to weigh it down for it to stay smooth and controlled…it tends to puff up, so you need to use products to control the density and texture,” explains Andrew Carruthers, Director of Education for Sam Villa.  



“It’s also a myth that guys don’t want to use products or a blow dryer, many of my male clients use both, and this technique is so easy, anyone can do it,” he adds.


  1. Product Application: Apply Redken Satinwear 02 Blow Dry Lotion (mid length to ends) to towel dried hair with hands to add slip and protect from blow dryer heat – it also adds moisture to hair without making it feel heavy.  Then, emulsify Redken for Men grip tight firm hold gel in hands and rake through hair with fingers – it provides good hold without getting crispy or flaky.  Do not use a comb, it can fluff hair and add wispy texture. 


  1. Drying: Use a Sam Villa Light Professional Ionic Blow Dryer with the diffuser attachment on high heat and low air – this dries hair with intense heat without blowing it around which contributes to fluff and frizz.  Just hold the diffuser to the top and sides until dry, making sure the style is set before locking it in with the heat.


  1. Finishing: Shake Redken Fashion Waves 07 sea-salt spray, spray on hair and let air dry.  This locks the style in so it can be worn for 2-3 days, using more wax; gel or pomade adds excess oil that can weigh hair down too much.


When finished, advise clients to do as little as possible to their hair and recommend to minimize washing too.  If they shampoo a lot, advise them to wait 2-3 days and then scrub with water and conditioner to preserve hair’s natural oils, which are the best styling product of all.  Washing with shampoo once a week is usually sufficient for most - it saves time and hair looks great, you can simply readjust the style with fingers when needed.


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