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They say that once you go blonde, you never go back. This may be true; deciding to go blonde can brighten up your hair and liven up your life (if done professionally). But making the transition to blonde isn’t the problem, it’s staying blonde. Often times, your new ‘do will begin to change color and become warm and off tone… and nobody wants that. So, how do you fix this problem? 


Eleven Australia’s new KEEP MY COLOUR BLONDE SHAMPOO is just what blonde babes need. This shampoo boosts tones while adding shine to achieve the iconic Australian blonde. The product is great for all blondes (colored or natural) and grey hair too! 


What it does: The violet base enhances cool, blonde tones to reduce brassiness. Its blue/purple base cancels out the off tone that appears in blonde colored hair after time. The product even works on natural blondes and gray hair by minimizing yellow tones.


How to use: Apply to wet hair, lather and rinse. Repeat as required.


Keep My Colour is the perfect shampoo for blondes! Keep your blonde from going to bleh, and choose products that will help you keep your blonde bright all year round.

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