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Author Lainee Read

Lived-In Hair, the "new black" of the styling world. We love the look but sometimes achieveing or upkeep can be a bit off-putting. Learn the best ways to achieve and revive that "lived-in" look!

We've all heard the pros of NOT washing your hair every day, but if you are anything like myself and hate the feeling of oily/dirty hair, there are other options. The benefits of going days in-between shampooing are great–the natural oils replenish your hair, your color will last longer, less heat damage and lets be honest, you save a LARGE amount of time! With lived-in hair also comes the oils, volume lost and out of control bed head. So how do we awaken our locks and enjoy lived in hair?

We have three secrets that will change your lived-in hair dilemma and keep you from washing every single day.

Dry Shampoo

I know, you've all heard that dry shampoo is a must have... but we aren't joking around here! The secret to dry shampoo is to not over-apply. Spray a small amount at the front hairline and randomly throughout at the scalp, rubbing it in with your fingertips and brushing out the excess. Dry shampoo can be used on clean hair to prevent too much oil build up, but it should be used on dry hair only. We recommend giving Redken pillow proof 2-day extender a try. Used on clean hair it can extend your blowout by 2-3 days, it doesn't leave a film and is weightless. Find out more ways you can use your dry shampoo, click here.

Redken Powder Grip 02

Redken powder grip 02 is EVERYTHING. Not only does it add grip to the hair, this mattefying powder works great to liven up lived-in hair by adding volume and creating weightless texture. We recommend you use this on day one, for 2nd day hair, take your blow dryer to fluff up your curls and re-apply a small amount of powder grip to needed areas. To liven hair back up simply run your fingertips through the roots where you applied the powder grip. This can be mixed with your dry shampoo for double volume and removal of oils. Remember, only apply a small amount. Check out this tutorial on applying Redken powder grip 02 to your hair. Watch here.

Adding TEXTUR®

The Sam Villa Volume & Texturizing Iron is designed to alter the texture of the hair by expanding the hair shaft, resulting in up to three times more volume! The textured result will also aid in the removal of oils. Here's the secret, only texturizing the hair around the crown of the head. To do this, isolate the crown section just above the round of the head. Next, take vertical sections about 1/4" thick directly below your top section and then come in with the Sam Villa Textur Iron vertically and compress the hair as close to the scalp as possible without burning yourself. Repeat this process all the way around the head and after you finish drop the top section down and over the texturized hair. You should see the volume instantly appear! If you desire more volume after adding the texture, apply a small amount of powder grip.

HOT TIP: If you catch your hair falling flat, simply take your fingers and rub where the texture was applied to waken up hair! To discover other ways you can use your Sam Villa Textur Iron, click here.

Your blow dry process also plays a significant role on how many days you will be able to go without washing, check out our Foundational Blow Dry Series on YouTube to help you re-create a professional blowout!

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