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Just like your horoscope probably stated; the next season is all about change, letting go, and simplifying your life. Thus our much-needed mantra for this year has been “All you need is less”. Inspiring Keune’s Luxurious Minimalism Collection with neutral tones and natural highlights, a series of functional colors that aim to embrace your client’s natural elegance.


Clean, simplified looks and quality colors will provide your clients with a reassuring sense of tranquility as they leave behind fading fads. Unlike the latest must-haves that come and go, you’ll find these classic hues are gracefully timeless.



Gorgeous Greys



These tones are far from the “granny” trends we’ve seen in past seasons. With deep roots in sophistication, strong and clean colors, these shades will infuse your hair with rich and subtle shades that powerfully state “chic!”



Blonde Bliss



Creating striking blondes, these shades neutralize while they lighten - getting rid of unwanted undertones to illuminate and enhance natural character, allowing your clients to experience true color.



Beautiful Browns



Brown is proving to be one of the most calming shades of the season. With its deep tones and subtle iridescent highlights, these colors are sure to unify any color palette.


Restore the natural equilibrium, by simplifying color and in turn, life. As a welcomed trend of classic beauty, these shades are sure to start the year off right while carrying through the next few seasons in a state of blissful, simple luxury!


Keune, for the salon professional since 1922.

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