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There is a flood of information on the Internet for women and their beauty routines; the best products based on hair type and texture, when to wash and when to wait and even the best way to air-dry. As the season’s change and trends come into play, texture has been one of the most influential patterns throughout all of this, for men as well. In an effort to decode the madness and offer a bit of insight for our men and their grooming practices, we decided to create this guide.


Curls – As the kinkiest of the crew you may have hated your texture growing up, never knowing what to do with it and probably fighting it at every turn. Now is the time to revel in your natural texture, curls and everything they encompass is coveted! It has gone so far this season than men are even getting perms… or merms as you will. The best product for this texture depends on your desired outcome. We suggest using CLAY for shorter styles to control your cut, and PASTE for medium to longer styles for a soft, effortless, organic feel. If you want a bit of sheen you can add a dollop of POMADE to your CLAY or PASTE. For best results, use all products on dry hair.


Waves – You can wear your hair long or short and tend to let it air-dry après beach, and you flip your bangs out of your face to create the perfect side part. You like a natural look and sleeping on your hair works just fine for you. To keep your organic feel on longer locks, opt for PASTE. It will give you definition without imposing too much change.


Straight – Perfectly content with your hair, if anything you just want to change it up every once and again. You can play with almost any haircut from long to short, side part and slicked back because you don’t have to worry too much about cowlicks or uneven texture. For slicker styles, POMADE will rule your world; it will perfectly control your side part or slicked back style with all the shine one could hope for. For shorter styles, try CLAY, it will add texture, grit and moldable style for a fun feel.




Thin – When your hair is on the thinner side of the spectrum you are able to get great amounts of volume and movement, but need to be weary what products you place or it will weigh your style down. Your best bet would be to use smaller portions of POMADE or PASTE, or simply spray HAIRSPRAY to lock in your look.


Medium – Depending on the texture, PASTE and POMADE are your best friends. Paste will work well to control your style and allow for movability, while POMADE will add sheen and control for slicker looks. With one of the easiest of hair densities, medium hair can use almost any product dependent upon desired outcome.


Thick – You get your show-stopping locks from your mama, and probably have the long lashes to match as well. Although you sometimes have difficulty styling, staying up to date with the latest trends, and don’t always love humidity, your hair type can be easily shaped into what you want. For shorter lengths, CLAY is a must; you might even want to pair it with a spritz of HAIRSPRAY to seal the deal. For medium length, PASTE is probably your best bet, if you don’t mind your natural texture shining through. If you are in the mood for a side part or slicked style pairing your POMADE with HAIRSPRAY will lock your style into place.



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