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While you’ve got your travel plans, surf days, and barbeques all planned out, don’t forget to get your hairstyle plan in check. Gear up for the heat and humidity with a fresh cut and a new arsenal of premium styling goods to keep up with the latest trends of the season.


Give A Strong Side Part A Go - The side part has made a serious comeback, for men of all ages. Whether paired with high and tight sides or longer top locks if you prefer. This style is sure to get your through summer nights out in style. To best define the side part, pick up a Pomade. It will accentuate the parting, add just enough shine, and will control your hair throughout the day. To finish off the style, add a shot of Premium Hair Spray to seal the deal.


Slick It Back – If your head shape, or cut, isn’t necessarily “cut out” for a side part, try slicking it all back. This style can be tailored to almost any length, except for extremely short styles.  If you hair is on the shorter side, try mixing a Pomade with Clay for added hold and sheen, it’s a worthy cocktail. Use either a comb or the palm of your hand to get your strands to stand at attention, then lay back for the night.


Pump Up The Texture – Mix it up for the summer months! If you have opted for a shorter length play with your texture.  Let your natural texture run free. Take a dab of Clay and rub it in your hands to warm it up. Use your palms to apply to your hair from back (near crown) to front. Then use the product on your fingertips to define your head shape. You are good to go.


Revel In Surfer Style – You decided to let your hair go long for the summer, and your natural highlights from your days in the waves are beginning to shine through. To accentuate the look, work a Paste throughout your locks, it will add definition without dampening your free flowing style. Pair with your favorite brew for sheen; it will be good ‘till sun goes down.



If you have yet to smell the intoxicating aroma of 18.21 Man Made Goods, now is the time, my friend. Give the gift of grooming and unbelievable aroma this year, whether keeping this for yourself or gifting these goods to your mates, it’s a win-win situation.

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