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Cover Art: Tyler France

Facial hair; you love it, you hate it, or you’re in the process of figuring out how to deal with it. With lotions, creams, oils, shampoos and conditioners, planning what to do with the stubborn hairs growing from your chin, can be a challenge. No matter the style, beards, mustaches, and even scruff can give a man his edge. However, with the blink of the eye beards can turn into an un-manicured mess, mustaches can lose their shape, and scruff can just look… well scruff always looks sexy.


No matter your style, length or shape there are a few tips that can keep your facial hair looking great and smelling masculine.


Wash regularly – It is not only important to wash the hairs on your face because they come into regular contact with your hands, food, and beers on a regular basis. Washing your beard also means cleansing the skin that is underneath it, lest we forget that there’s actually skin under there.


Invest in a Leave-In – We know, you thought having a beard meant less upkeep, but this is a ritual all men should adopt. Using a leave in treatment, like Reuzel Beard Foam will not only nourish your hair but your skin as well. While it deodorizes, it works to soften and control your beard ridding your face of rogue hairs and promote thick, shiny hair that is easier to groom.


Have Your Beard Professionally Groomed – You may think you know what you’re doing when it comes to taming your beard, but you most likely have no idea. When you visit your barber for your regular touch up let them shape your beard for you as well. Chances are they have a few tricks up their sleeve that will lead to a better shaped beard or mustache. Afterall, they are the experts in this matter.



Try A Balm – The hair on your face might be a new phase for you, one that you haven’t learned how to master yet. You may see stellar ‘staches and beards walking down the street and wonder how they get their hair to look so badass. It’s because they’re using the proper products. If you want to add a little shine or curl to your mustache, try a bit of Reuzel Beard Balm. It is sure to condition your hair and face throughout the day, help your facial hair appear thicker and fuller, repair split ends and tame rogue hairs.  This will be your new best friend and might even get you a date or two…


Now get a move on for Movember and show off those Mustaches. Be sure to tag our products in your favorite posts and stay tuned for even more tips from your favorite Scumbags at REUZEL!