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The first of the year is an exciting time to restart your goals for the year. Often times it involves dressing up, going out, and picking up a few gift-list items that you really want for yourself. With all of the glamour and glitz, there is no better way to spend the New Year than to get a jump on your beauty resolutions and reign in the New Year with style. We've compiled a helpful list of our favorite go-to's to create resolutions that you'll want to keep all year long. 


First on our list are dreamy lashes…the ones that will accent our eyes, skin, and hair naturally or with dazzling shadows, liners, and mascara. No matter the shape of your eye or your style of makeup, a full lash line is a treasured accessory. The ease and simplicity of applying Spectral Lash Serum day and night is a resolution you can surely add to your beauty agenda. With its foolproof application, anytime is a good time to glide Spectral Lash Serum onto your lash line and let it do its work. Using this revolutionary serum will end your desires of committing to extensions and develop your lashes fullness and length naturally.


Second on the list is caring for your hair. With the winter months in tow, your ends become even more split, your scalp can become extra dry and it may feel like your hair wont hold a style any longer. Your hair is in need of a bit of TLC to bring it back to its healthiest state. Consider using Continuum. Whether you are coloring your hair before the holidays or are simply looking for a reparative treatment to pair with your blowout, Continuum will help nourish your hair and rebuild your bonds to give you healthy, happy, shiny hair for the year ahead!


The last (but not least) item on our must-have list is the perfect accessory to start the year of right! Radia Clarifying Shampoo and Conditioner is the perfect present to wash away the year gone by and prepare for the year ahead!  It is specifically designed for those of you who need to clear away the toxic chemicals that build up on hair from the environment and hard water over time. By adding this duo into your regiment, your hair will stay soft, day in and day out. This build-up occurs in your hair from repeated use of products; it often results in loss of volume at your roots or causes greasiness. The clarifying shampoo strips out chemicals, oils, toxins without adding add any additional color. It is a cleansing shampoo, soft enough to use everyday, that helps remove impurities in order to fully restore your hair.

Do you have any picks that didn’t make the list? Feel free to sound off below and let us know which products are your favorites for the year ahead! Want even more tips? Be sure to stalk DS Laboratories on Bangstyle and follow us on Instagram @DSLabsGlobal for the latest info!