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Jodie Austen assisted David-Wadlow of Premier Hair & Makeup, on the Rejina Pyo Autumn/Winter 2015 show for London Fashion Week. Read Jodie's notes below on how she created the textured ponytails for the desert inspired show.

The Style: Textured, messed up and lived in ponies.

The Products: Bumble & bumble Thickening Full Form Mousse, Bumble & bumble Classic Hairspray, Bumble & bumble Surf Spray.

The Technique: Apply Bb Thickening Full Form Mousse evenly throughout the hair and add a deep side parting before roughly drying the hair using your hands. Add a spritz or Bb Surf Spray to start building up a dry and careless texture. Gather the hair using your hands to maintain texture throughout the head into a low pony, leaving out pieces of hair just in front of the ears. Secure the pony with an elastic and then gently pull out the sides of the pony so that the hair bulks just behind the ears - creating a carefree and softer silhouette. To finish, pull out, tease and texturise the silhouette further, focusing on the crown, hairlines and pony.