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From styling to cutting, there are specific lengths of hair that can’t be sectioned with a clip. Looking for new ways to ease the process, Sam Villa developed new Hair Grips! “You asked, we delivered,” says Sam Villa, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Sam Villa and Global Artistic Ambassador for Redken, about his new Hair Grips.  “With the popularity of non-gender specific cuts, more stylists are cutting shorter hair, and these grips offer a faster, more effective way to section and control hair.”  The Sam Villa Hair Grips are designed to be used on any texture and length of hair for sectioning before highlighting/coloring, cutting, or styling, but are especially beneficial on shorter hair.


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Benefits of Hair Grips

  • When using diagonal sections, Velcro grips hold hair in a stable position for more control
  • Cutting a horizontal fringe with diagonal sections is much easier with grips that allow hair to fall in a natural pattern
  • Easy on, easy off – do not pull hair when removing
  • Can be used on wet or dry hair
  • Easy to clean - can be sanitized in Barbicide
  • Durable – made of Velcro, will not tear or dissolve


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Sam Villa® Hair Grips 3-Pack ($7.00)