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Whether your New Year's Resolution was to have more “me time” in the morning due to efficient styling, learn how to curl your hair with a brush, or master how to braid your own hair, chances are by now you’re losing sight of those #hairgoals. Let’s face it, mornings pass too quickly, you need to get to work without looking disheveled, and waterfall braids are a lot harder than they look!

We’ve learned the key to great looking hair has little to do with luck and much to do with the tools you use. A great haircut comes not only from technique but also by investing in your scissors, just like a unique style comes from the addition of one of our favorite tools – the STITCH. Check out some of our favorite simple STITCHES below to see how you can have a stress-free morning and fabulous hair!

Try A Basket Weave – This is actually a lot easier than it looks and can add a great deal of style with a few quick stitches. Begin by sectioning out a front area of your hair, from your forehead to behind your ear, and leave this out as you pull the rest of the hair back into a ponytail. Then take small sections from this front area and weave the hair back into the secured section toward the crown.




The Morning Bun – say sayonara to that topknot you usually rock and upgrade your ponytail with this simple STITCH. After pulling hair into a low ponytail, use the STITCH to pull the ends of your pony through your hair to create a cool and calculated messy bun! Once you’ve mastered this, add a basket weave to your ponytail as well, enhancing the overall look.



Go For The Waterfall: Trying to create a traditional waterfall braid can leave you frustrated. We’ve found a way to create the look sans stress using a STITCH. Begin by sectioning out hair an inch below your part and above your ear. Then create a flat braid inside of these sections from forehead to behind the ear and secure with an elastic.  Then, pull small sections from the original inch parting and begin to weave this into your braid. You are left with a simple waterfall braid that is more secure than the traditional version.



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