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These looks were inspried by styles seen on the Spring 2016 runways as they transition into fall runways. There is an evolution in men’s hair to more polished vintage styles suitable to multiple hair lengths and textures.  A move away from the highly popular beards and muns to coifs, waves and grunge with a 50’s greaser feeling with longer lengths!  Anything goes – diffused retro color, redefined fringe, gentlemen waves, grunge and textured curls - as long as it’s HOT! Change is not only hard for consumers, but at times for stylists as well…sometimes when trends emerge, it can be difficult to jump right on board.  The NYC runways open the door for future trends, so stylists can train and adapt their eye for the looks to come.  Get ready! 


Gentlemen’s Wave (sophisticated and sleek)

  • Apply Redken hardware 16 super strong gel to wet hair.
  • Use a Sam Villa Signature Series Short Styling Comb and create a part.
  • Sculpt in the wave.
  • Let dry naturally.


Retro Color (think 80’s flare)

  • Apply Redken Blonde Idol to a Sam Villa Signature Series .75” Thermal Styling Brush and brush through to the ends of hair on the top/crown of the head, leaving the roots natural and the back and sides dark.  It’s like Balayage and creates a seamless organic transition.  It’s great for quick efficient coloring of large sections with a soft transition at the base.



Grunge with a Greaser Finish  (dark and edgy)

  • Today’s texture is loose, it’s critical for adding movement and life to a silhouette, and a razor is ideal for taking weight out and breaking up quickly…it slices hair at an angle, so the base of the hair strand remains wider than the end, creating softness and movement.  
  • Finish: Apply a liberal amount of Redken velvet gelatin 07 to wet hair for a moist/wet affect that stays all day long.  Then, use a Sam Villa Light Professional Ionic Blow Dryer to dry hair and minimize volume.


Hair: Geneva Cowan, Artistic Director for Sam Villa

Photographer: Shalem Mathew

Makeup: Lorina Alailefaleula