You may not believe this, but ask anyone - their favorite part of going to the salon isn’t the Nespresso Coffee, Gossip Mags or even the finished look… it’s the SHAMPOO!


What feels better than having your hair shampooed by someone else? The shampoo is an intimate part of the salon process - it is about relaxation, relation, and trust. You get to help you client begin to relax and literally take them into your hands as you begin their transformation. How to ensure the perfect service? We have a few tips…

Keep the shampoo area clean - free of debris, excess noise, and cleaning tools. By keeping the shampoo area clean your client will feel more at ease and more comfortable from the beginning. 


Talk them through the process - don’t just lead them to the bowl and start. Make sure to sit them down, raise their feet if there is a foot rest, place a towel on their shoulders and instruct them on when to lean their head back - guiding them with your hands so they don’t hurt their neck, adding a comfortable neck rest will ensure less fatigue and happier clients! 


Ask questions - How do you prefer the water temperature/pressure? Is your neck comfortable? Would you like another towel? By asking these questions you show that you care about them, and they will be forever grateful that you took the extra steps. 


Test the water - Before spraying your client’s hair, test the water on the back of your wrist. The back of your wrist is a sensitive spot which will let you know if it is too hot or too cold to begin with. Once you’ve done this, test the temperature on them. Asking them how the water temperature/pressure is throughout. 


Begin to Lather - Evenly distribute shampoo into your hands and lather before placing on the hair. This warms up the shampoo and helps your washing technique. After depositing shampoo, give it a quick lather and follow with a quick rinse to get the shampoo moving throughout the hair. Begin to lather again - this quick rinse helps the shampoo suds up. 


Ask If They Want A Second Wash - Although 2 washes are usually best, ask your client their preference. 


Condition The Ends - Always consult your client first, however conditioning the mid shaft to ends is usually best as prep for the style to come. 


Replace the Towel - Once the shampoo is done, make sure to dry the hair with a towel (while they are still laying down) and to immediately replace their neck towel with a fresh dry towel. If needed, clip the hair or replace the towel you dried the hair with, with another towel as well to ensure no drips and a comfy client! 


Help Them To The Station - Don’t just direct the client, lead them back to the station and sit them down. 


Ask Them Questions - See if they would like a drink, another towel, a magazine, or anything else to make them comfortable before the service begins. 


Whether you are a stylist or an assistant, giving a great shampoo coupled with lovely service will ensure the client loves you forever!