94ad9e6c3095ced1042f waterfall braid tutorial

Waterfall Braids can be a bit challenging to complete, but once you learn how to weave it, your options for incorporating it in up do’s, blowout's and fun styles are endless. In this tutorial, Cassandra, better known as BraidByC takes us through the steps to get this gorgeous waterfall tutorial. Follow the steps below and be sure to check out her video to see how you can master this braid. 

Start off with clean, curled hair, having it pre-styled will help you control the braid and enhance the look. Begin a braid on one side of the head and begin to wave back horizontally like you would with a French braid. 



As you braid you will then take the top strands that are aimed downward and weave them into the braid, pull them through the bottom and let them fall (instead of tucking them back into the braid).



As you work your way around the head, continue to pull from underneath to make a french braid, pulling through the top strands and letting them fall nautally.



Once you connect both sides, finish the braid, straight down and secure with a hair tie.


Once done braiding, pull apart the braid to loosen the look and create width. 


Once you've finished your look, spritz it will a bit of hairspray and enjoy your day! Feel free to follow along in the video below for even more stying advice!

Be sure to stalk BraidByC on Bangstyle and check out Cassandra's YouTube page for even more tutorials!