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The original low-maintenance color trend – balayage has always been synonymous with beachy, lived-in, or natural-looking hair color. The great thing about this trend is that it has more to do with technique and placement than capitalizing on a single hue. From brunette balayage to rose blonde or powder blue, as a stylist, you can literally paint to your heart’s content creating balayage hair color that falls on any level of the color spectrum. Keep reading to learn why stylists and clients love this technique and why the trend is here to stay.

1. It’s truly bespoke

Although all color creations are unique to the stylist, balayage is even more bespoke because of the freehand approach and individualized pattern. That is not to say that sectioning or zones are abandoned, however, other factors like hair cuts, texture and finished style are heavily considered while creating a look.

2. It has the ability truly enhance a haircut and texture

Whether you specialize in color or also perform your client’s haircut, many stylists choose to cut hair prior to coloring in order to deliberately place highlights and depth to coincide with the finished look. From highlighting piecey texture to painting the curves of individual curls, a balayage technique further amplifies the individual nature each client is looking for.

3. It can be used creatively

Balayage literally means “to paint,” and while most use it to lighten, this technique can also be used to add depth. From painting low-lights to creative color, the options are endless. 

4. It’s low-maintenance

If there is one thing we’ve all learned from our “new normal,” it is the amount of time we’ve all regained in our routines. Clients everywhere are opting for haircuts that require less styling and hair color options that lead to less time in the salon, like LuxeLights color applications to seamlessly cover grays or a refreshing gloss. Due to the soft transition, balayage works perfectly into this narrative to elongate the time between appointments and a finished style with depth and a natural-looking finish. 

Product Picks

There is a level of softness that is signature to this look that is achieved through a mix of technique and product. Throughout the years, lighteners have evolved to allow stylists to achieve results with various formulations for differing techniques and Wella Blondor Freelights White Lightening Powder is the product of choice to create those seamless blends.