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Amidst the Oscars Barbie snub, we figured now was a great time to appreciate all things Barbie, including the beauty trends inspired by the film. Here's to you Margot Robbie, Greta Gerwig and all the amazing women who made this movie possible.

Bigger at the box office than Oppenheimer, Greta Gerwig’s Barbie drew attention to all things Barbie and even inspired the latest Barbiecore trends of the season. Curious about what “Barbiecore” entails and how to achieve a similar look — keep reading (no spoilers here).

What Is Barbiecore?

Following the recent popularity around all things Barbie — Barbiecore is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle trend that is inspired by the classic Barbie doll and recent film. It can be described as s use of classic bright pink, red or sparkles in outfits, nails and makeup and a trend toward Barbie Blonde or even pink hair color trends. When it comes to styling, just like the many looks of Barbie, this can encapsulate almost anything, but tends to be feminine and romantic and accessories are always favored.

Barbiecore Inspired Beauty

Glazed Skin

Just like Hailey, Barbie loves her perfectly dewy skin. Achieving this look is a combination of a great skincare routine and glow-inducing products. If you are looking for an alternative to the Rhode Beauty Glazing Fluid, try Medik8 Liquid Peptides - Advanced Regenerating Multi Peptide Serum for a healthy finish and improved skin. 

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A Bright Pop of Lipstick

While pink might be the signature Barbie lip color, we love the idea of a bright pop or pink, coral, or any other shade you find that suits your skin tone and style. If you want to rock the Barbiecore pink lipstick trend, reach for a lip liner first to create the perfect doll-like shape and then follow with your desired shade.

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Barbie Pink Nails

Iconically, Barbiecore Pink is the ideal Barbie shade, however, you can pair your look with everything from pastel pink to hot pink, Barbie Red, a touch of Sparkle, or a high-gloss finish. Shop all our favorite Barbie nail shades here!


Barbie Blonde

Blonde hair trends have been circulating this entire year with “Barbie Blonde” becoming the hottest of all. Inspired by the original Barbie doll with bright, yellow-platinum blonde tones, the finished look is expensive blonde meets Barbie. To keep your shade looking its best, follow any highlight, gloss, or color appointment with bond care to improve the look, feel, and strength of the hair while extending the color.

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The Perfect Barbie Finish

When it comes to hair, almost anything goes for Barbie. This includes braids, ponytails, half-up hairstyles, natural waves and curls, or the classic Barbie voluminous blow dry with curled ends. Regardless of the style you choose for you hair type, Barbie’s hair is always perfect – so finish every style with a hairspray to keep your style on-trend.

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