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As we reflect on the past year, we have seen many changes and many movements on both a personal and societal level. We’re still not sure if Kylie Jenner is actually even pregnant and are still spinning about the whole Selena Gomez – Justin Bieber relationship.  In light of starting 2018 off on a lighthearted note – the team at Bangstyle/Nailstyle has taken a moment to reflect on some our favorite (and least favorite) trends of the past year!



Maybe I’m reminiscing in the 80’s moments of my childhood, but boy do I love big hair. From voluminous curls and waves to men embracing a more textured, relaxed look, I am all for rocking the look and letting my inner Diana Ross roar!


Although this trend is still building in popularity, I wish it would stop right in it’s tracks. The bowl cut that was once every 5th graders’ nightmare is now the hottest cut for uber-chic adults. I am all for good throwback, just not this one; let’s leave the bowls in the kitchen where they belong!

FAVE NAIL TREND: Negative Space everything! From foil nails to minimalistic designs, this natural look base allows for an array of nail art while keeping your regrowth a well-kept secret.

LEAST FAVE NAIL TREND: Duck nails. Sorry to those who love this look, this trend just isn’t for me. I like my nails square, but without the water propelling fans on the ends. Hey, chalk it up to the fact that I am vegan. I want my nails and dinner to stay animal-free.


FAVE HAIR TREND: The #ShadowRoot

FYI: I don't hate on anyone planning on wearing this waaaaay into 2018 (or 2019 or 2020). For my raven-haired beauties who desperately want to rock their locks on the lighter side - this look is the Color Gods' answer to drastic regrowth.

LEAST FAVE HAIR TREND: Space Buns (Glitter Part Optional)

Miley let it go; so should the rest of us.


This low maintenance manicure option is one I won't be leaving behind in 2017. As someone who can spot essie's "Wicked" a mile away and knows the difference between OPI's "Lincoln Park After Dark" and "Lincoln Park After Midnight" - I'm a nail novice when it comes to the Light Side. That being said, I kind of love it in a big way. On the agenda for 2018? More nude nailfies.


Hairy Selfie Nails Exist Now, And It’s As Terrible As It Sounds, Did this actually become a trend? We don't think so but the fact that the internet tried to make it happen is equally as disheartening.


FAVE HAIR TREND: Natural Texture and Androgynous Cuts

As a curly-haired maven, I’ve really embraced and appreciate the interest in natural hair texture – it sure has made my mornings a great deal easier!

LEAST FAVE HAIR TREND: Baby bangs/the mullet

I couldn't pick between these two. On one hand, I just don’t understand baby bangs – probably because I could never pull bangs off, let alone baby bangs. On the other hand, that mullet though…. Sorry guys I am all for a chic shag and extra texture through layering, but as one of the most infamously funny trends from the past (business in the front, party in the back, anyone?), I just can’t accept this look a second time.

FAVE NAIL TREND: I like my nail art like I like my jewelry – DAINTY! I love to wear my nails short. It is probably due to my past occupation as a stylist but long nails also just don’t do my hands justice. I have been absolutely obsessed with nail art this year and the minimalistic ways you can make your nails look dainty!


Ok, so I can barely stand it when my gels start to peel and my hair gets caught in the regrowth **cringe**. I can not imagine trying to style my hair (or do anything else for that matter) with a giant globe on top of my nail. Hats off to the artists who dreamt these up and actually created them – but as the practical girl that I am – this one is just too extra for me!




FAVE HAIR TREND: Hair Jewels... cute

Hair jewelry is no longer childish and look as sophisticated as you want them to be. Whether silver or gold, they are the grown-up version of the glittery hearts and flowers we once adored.

LEAST FAVE HAIR TREND: Wavy brows... not so cute

Too many people took “I’m So Wavy” by Ty Dolla $ign, a little too serious. Let’s be honest, waves only look good when it comes to the hair that grows from your scalp - not your face.


FAVE NAIL TREND: Glitter Cuticles... Cute

Whether it’s done with stickers, jewels, or plain old polish, bringing attention to the cuticles has never been cuter! Adding glitter to the outside of the nail bed is a quick fix to an at-home polish mishap, or an eye-catching way to start off the New Year! 

LEAST FAVE NAIL TREND: Fish Bowl Nails... Not so cute

Fish are friends, NOT full set manicure bait. 


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