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Nothing can stop you when you’re having a good hair day. But as schedules get busier and accessible time less frequent, you might not always have the opportunity (or the budget) to get into the salon. Instead, brush up on a few top blow-dry tips to quickly create a salon-worthy blowout at home.  

The Top Blow-Dry Tips

1. Use Clean Sections

Use a tail comb or a sectioning clip to create clean lines for each section. Clip all other hair away. Work in one section at a time, completely drying that section before moving on to another. 

2. Target Product Use

Heat protection is always a must-have, no matter the desired outcome. However, applying or abstaining from products should be well-thought-out for style and longevity. Whether your environment is humid or dry, if you need your hair to stay put for a special event, or if you’re blow-drying your hair for the week or weekend — you’ll want to add the right products. When you’re looking for longevity, less is always more. However, if you’re in a humid environment or need to keep your style in place for a special event, you’ll probably need more products targeted to your exact scenario.  

3. Use Tools Properly

The nozzle of your blowdryer is one of the more underrated but valuable items you can use for a blow-dry. Adding this to the end of your blowdryer not only cuts down on potential heat damage it also helps direct airflow to achieve a smooth, glossy blowout with just the right amount of body and curl. 

4. Concentrate on Volume

Volume is the key to creating an effortless blowout that lasts. It gives your style the “it-factor” and is what sets it apart day after day. Adding volume only at the root area created a lifted look for a finish that is just right.  

5. Don’t Touch

The golden rule of getting your blowout to last — hands off! Our hands naturally have oils, and running them through our hair can cause hair to lose volume and appear oily, which cuts down on the lifespan of your look. 


Product Suggestions:

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Wella Professionals EIMI Thermal Image Heat Protection Spray

Redken Big Blowout

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