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We all want the perfect blow out. But what does it really take to get it? Is it about your hair type? The products or tools you use? How do achieve the “perfect” blowout?

Yes, there are factors like your hair type, products you use, humidity where you live and of course the tools you are using to blow out your hair. Let’s chat today about brushes….and why are there so many shapes and sizes?! Believe it or not, the brush you use can have a HUGE impact on how your blow out turns out.


The teeniest of the bunch, the small round brush. This is the perfect brush for those of you fighting those curly bits around the hairline. If you have curly or coarse hair, this brush is a game changer! With the small round brush you can get closest to the root allowing you to straighten out those piece around the face. Put the brush on your hair close to the root, and then pull away, hooking the hair in the brush. Be careful not to hold the hot dryer to close for too long, you can burn your hair. Pull through the hair with a shot of cool air to set it.


The “middle child” of the brush world is a great choice to add a soft barrel curl to the hair. As well as a great choice to blow your fringe forward. When your hair has been dried and smoothed out. Roll a clean section of hair away from your face, give a quick dry of hot air, then a shot of cool air to set the curl and then gently roll out for loose barrel curls.


Perfect for “resistant”, curly and coarse hair. The large round brush is a good brush to “stretch out or confuse” the cuticle helping to smooth out your natural texture. Great for long hair and getting that super smoooooth look.


Paddle brushes are good for naturally straight hair looking just to dry it or smooth it out, cowlicks and pre-drying for volume. Pre-dry by bending your head forward with hair over your head/face and blow dry using the Paddle Brush to brush forward while drying. When dry, flip head back up and you will have a boost of volume. Grab the right round brush for you to create loose curls or to smooth out and finish.

More tips to come! Check out all our brushes to get the perfect blow out on the Fromm Brand Channel. Don’t forget to let us know how your blow out turned out!