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Ever wonder how some girls can create a perfect fishtail braid in five minutes flat? Practice, practice, practice! For some women, a simple three-strand braid can feel like a nearly impossible task. Luckily, learning how to braid is actually easier than you think. Read on to find out how to becoming a braiding master.

Step 1: Stock up

Did you know that braids need a little grip to stay in place, especially on fine or straight hair? A good styling gel or cream will minimize slip and better hold your style. Another essential? Shine spray. Add it to your mid-lengths and ends before braiding to restore moisture and add softness.

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Step 2: Grab your brushes

Before attempting any braided style, make sure to keep a few brushes on hand: a boar-bristle brush, to gently smooth through strands; a detangling brush, to brush through tangles and knots; and a teasing brush, to add volume.

Step 3: Prep your hair

Now that you’ve got your tools in order, it’s important to create the right canvas. Apply a hydrating shampoo and conditioner to add moisture, then apply a nourishing leave-in treatment to protect hair from breakage. Dry hair as desired, then gently brush through hair to get rid of any tangles.

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Step 4: Start braiding!

Beginners should always learn how to master a single three-strand braid before moving on to more complicated styles. Start out by pulling hair into a ponytail, then divide hair into three sections and begin crossing the sections over one another (left over middle, middle over right and so on) until you’ve braided the entire ponytail. If you’re having trouble, ask a friend to demonstrate on her own hair and try mirroring her techniques. Once you’ve mastered the three-strand braid, try your hand at other more complex braided styles!

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