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Whether you're going for a single day or staying the entire weekend, scantily clad teenagers and Insta starlets will be heading into the desert to get their "chella" on. Headed to Coachella for the first time ever? Don’t make the ultimate festival fashion faux pas and show up to the desert wearing styles that are way past their expiration date. Here, five trends to say “‘Chell no” to this festival season, along with the top looks to put on your radar. Abstaining from the Coachella this year? There are plenty of other festivals this year and these trends will be favorites all summer long! 

OUT: Floral Crowns

We know the flower crown may be considered the trademark of festival season, but it’s time everyone retires this hair accessory—for now, at least.

IN: Hair Bling

If the Fashion Week runways are any indication, hair embellishments are on the rise. Think: rhinestones, gems, pearls and studs. The key to the mega-glam look? Piling on the embellishments in a cool arrangement or funky design. Barrette stacking has quickly become one of the top trends of the season and we have a feeling they'll be all over Coachella as well! 


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OUT: Space Buns

This style is little too Miley Cyrus circa 2013 and while she may be rocking a Hannah Montana hairstyle now, we're still going to pass on the space buns. Though sleek futuristic styles are a mainstay for festival season, the Baby Spice-inspired ‘do is a definitely don’t.

IN: Hybrid Braids

Still want to achieve a cool, modern look? Opt for some funky plaits instead. Rather than stick to one type of braid, mix and match techniques to create a unique style. Add them to a ponytail and make them a design element that you can easily rock all weekend long!


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OUT: Pastel Balayage

Lavender, millennial pink and powder blue have been the go-to shades of festival goers for years. If you want to make a statement this year, turn up the shock value with a bold shade instead.

IN: Creative Color

Vibrant shades, unique jewel tones and creative placement promise to be all the rage this festival season. Stick with a single shade for a more understated style, a delicate design, or play around with an array of eye-catching tones to command attention. We are absolutely in love with everything Janine Ker creates and would pick any of these creations!


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OUT: Boxer Braids

While double French braids may be a cute and effortless way to get your hair out of your face while dancing—and hide unwashed, greasy roots—it’s officially time to give this look the heave-ho.

IN: Pipe Braids

We may have spotted a few pipe braids last year, but this year, we anticipate the edgy look to make an epic return. The key to the style is creating a series of small knots that resemble a linear braid. To achieve that edgy, “undone” finish, use a teasing comb to backcomb the ends of the braid.


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OUT: Glittery Roots

Last year, festival attendees essentially “dumped” loose glitter on their roots to achieve a whimsical look. This year, however, the saying,“There can be too much of a good thing” rings true. Also, who remembers trying to get all that glitter out of your roots? No thank you! 

IN: A Touch Of Color

Want to indulge with a bit of interest without pulling glitter out of your strands for the rest of the season? Skip the glitter and braid in a bit of color instead. Whether you use extensions or string to get the finished look, it will make Monday mornings at the office a lot easier! 


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