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Adding haircolor to curly hair can be absolutely stunning. It can create depth and highlight natural texture in all the right light. However, it is important to note that adding color – specifically highlights – to curly hair has to be approached in a slightly different direction than straight-haired clients. From the health of the hair to the finished style, these are the top color tips for curly hair. 

Ask All The Right Questions

During the consultation process, it is really important to understand the finished effect your client is looking as well as in-depth information about their lifestyle and hair routine. If your client comes in with straight hair but wears it curly on a regular basis, you’ll want to chat with them about the different ways you can highlight their hair for these specific styles.

Change Your Sectioning Style

Generally speaking, with curlier hair, taking larger sections and larger weaving patterns can give a better result on wavy to curly hair. You can also switch up a straight section with a zig-zag pattern as well! Babylights or finer sectioned highlights aren’t as flattering to curly clients due to the fact that they break up their curl instead of accentuating it. 


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Pay Attention to Curl Patterns 

It is up to you and your client to determine whether you highlight their hair curly or straight, but with new techniques like Pintura developing, following the curl patterns could benefit the end result. Pintura is a coloring technique by which the stylist uses balayage to paint the individual curls. By doing this, the stylist has ultimate control in seeing where color is being lifted and helps shape the overall style. No matter the curl pattern – loose or tight – this is the ultimate way to create a truly bespoke style for your client. 

Add A Shadow Root

Highlights directly at the base of the hairline can sometimes appear too stark, which is why adding shadow root works beautifully for curly hair. Breaking up the line of demarcation, opt for a demi-permanent color for a transition that will brighten as the hair grows out - extending the life of their highlights. 

Rethink Formulations

Curly hair oftentimes needs a little extra dose of moisture. If your client is looking for a vibrant transformation you may need to come up with a plan to spread appointments out over time. Additionally, picking products like Magma by Blondor or adding WellaPlex N°1 Bond Maker and N°2 Bond Stabilizer to care for their hair as you lift can be helpful to get the desired results while keeping the integrity of their curls intact.