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Sticking to your wellness habits while maintaining your beauty goals can be challenging. Instead of skipping your workout or a good hair day, we’ve got a must-have tool to refresh your hair after the gym. The Sam Villa Pro Results Cordless Flat Iron solves all your apres gym issues with a compact travel flat iron that charges via USB, which means it can be used anywhere. Stay in the locker room or touch up in the car — the Sam Villa Cordless Flat Iron is 8.5” long with a plate length of 3” – tiny! It can charge in the car or at work via computer before the gym, so it’s always ready!  And the best part is, unlike most other irons that only deliver 20 minutes charge, it delivers a fabulous full 45 minutes of styling time, enough to actually do an entire head of waves, beautiful bouncy curls or super sleek liquid hair.

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How To Use

  • Remove creases from ponytail elastics
  • Enhance and define waves after removing braids and top knots
  • Smooth dents from baseball hats and headbands
  • Bevel fringe (see here) or the ends of a bob
  • Smooth and curl ends for work ready styles
  • Add bend and waves to ponytails
  • Smooth flyaways
  • Add volume to roots



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It’s also ideal for those that tend to live a nomadic lifestyle by doing hair and makeup in the car, or live in a humid environment and need to refresh hair throughout the day like stylist Sami Skinner, Sam Villa Ambassador – see here.


Learn more about the Sam Villa Pro Results Cordless Flat Iron here. $179.  Available on samvilla.com