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Styling curly hair can be intimidating for men. Guys usually don’t want to spend hours or use a bunch of products to achieve their desired style. Luckily, all it takes is one powerhouse formula to give you the results you’re after. Check out the top styling products for every hair length.


The Product: American Crew Molding Clay


With curly strands that are shorter you'll need a product that can control your coif. Molding Clay is ideal for easy, no-fuss styling, this product provides high hold with medium shine. Work a small amount of product through your hands, then run your fingers through your hair to create your desired shape.


The Product: American Crew Grooming Cream


Looking for a cool, slicked-back style that still shows off your natural texture? The American Crew Grooming Cream softens curls as it adds definition and shine. To use, simply work a small amount through your hands before applying it to your hair, then comb from the front hairline toward the nape of your neck. Worried about your hair staying put? Wait for your hair to completely dry and then tousle your strands with Grooming Cream to keep frizz at bay. 


The Product: American Crew Alternator


This styling spray allows curls to do their thing while providing flexible hold to longer strands. Apply to damp locks, then gently scrunch the ends of your hair to activate your natural texture and allow hair to air-dry. If needed, apply more product throughout the day to refresh your style.

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