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Hairdressers have always been told to be careful when cutting curly hair. Because cutting an inch of curly hair can have a much more drastic impact than other hair textures. But with the right tools and techniques, anyone can learn how to cut gorgeous shapes for curly hair.

Jada Jenkins, Sam Villa Ambassador, Mizani Artist and L'amour de Rose Salon Owner @jadajenkinsco is a texpert and a master at cutting curly hair. Her number one piece of advice is, “Don’t be afraid!” “People with textured hair are always afraid of someone cutting too much off, so remember not to ever stretch the curl pattern straight when cutting,” explains Jenkins.

Curly hair can come alive with a new cut and can show off distinctive angles and volume thanks to its beautiful texture. Take the coily pixie as an example. See how Jenkins cuts this shape while highlighting three different curly hair-cutting techniques.



*Pro-Tip: She uses Sam Villa Signature Series 7” Dry Cutting Shears – due to the longer length, it allows her to cut a lot off without having to create too many sections.

The Top 3 Curly Hair Cutting Techniques

  1. Linear Cutting: Use a Sam Villa Signature Series Long Cutting Comb as a guide - simply insert at the appropriate angle and length and cut along the comb for a sharp linear cut.  Do not pull the comb through, NEVER stretch curls when cutting, cut them where they live.
  2. Freehand Cutting: Grab a curl gently, open and close shears from the top down and at a slight angle to create diffusion on the ends.
  3. Volume Cutting: Take a curl in fingers (do not stretch) and cut from the bottom up to build volume and fullness.

Additional Tips:

  • Detailing: Apply leave-in conditioning spray to hair to better show any wispy hairs that need to be trimmed for a clean line.
  • Sectioning: Use fingers to create sections, not a comb, so the curl pattern is not disturbed.   Hold sections with dry sectioning clips.

“As long as you have a plan, and your zoning and sectioning down, you won’t have to go back and retouch too much,” she adds.



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