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Do you know the secret to create salon-worthy styles with massive volume and lived-in texture at home? We’ll let you in on a little professional tip - the Sam Villa Pro-Results Volume and Texturizing IronFrom carefree texture to Insta-worthy braids and updos, texturize all over or just underlying sections for hidden lift and volume. The flexible plates feature tiny round ridges that compress hair for long-lasting body and texture, and a ceramic-core with a titanium coated surface distributes heat evenly for safe and consistent styling.

“Texturizing hair with an iron is one of the easiest ways guests can create salon-quality, eye-catching volume and lift, not to mention, definition and grip for bigger braids and long-lasting updos,” explains Sam Villa, co-founder of Sam Villa® and Global Artistic Ambassador for Redken 5th Avenue.


How to Create Volume with a Texturizing Iron

Crown Area

  • Working off the part, take a top slice of hair and pin to the opposite side.
  • Compress the next section at the base with the iron.
  • Let cool and massage with fingers to separate.
  • Flip the smooth pinned section over the textured area and see the crown lift!

Braids and Updos

  • Randomly compress iron down the hair shaft to expand the cuticle and style.  The texture creates a sturdy foundation for long-lasting style.

Why This Iron is Unique

  • Comfort and Control – The ergonomic handle comfortably fits in any hand size and the longer body allows for precision compression (how tightly the plates close around hair), without tiring the wrist and hands.
  • Heats Up Quickly – Located at the back of the iron to prevent accidentally turning the iron off, an LED indicator light displays a different color for every heat level.  It blinks while heating up and stays solid when the desired temp is reached.
  • Good For All Hair Types - Three heat settings maintain consistent heat without spikes; Low – 375º for fine hair; Color Treated – 392º (helps protect color and prevent fading) and High - 410º for virgin or highly resistant hair.


Always be sure to send your clients home with a few extra tips to keep their style looking its best! “Remember to tell guests to always apply a heat styling product to protect hair from damage and lock in the texture. Redken Iron Shape 11 Thermal Holding Spray is my favorite.  And, remember – the more you compress, the better the indentation and the longer its memory will be,” adds Villa.