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Whether you’re looking for a Ballet-core style or simply want an up style that’s easy to create with an effortlessly chic finish — the textured bun it is. With a little twist, a dash of texture, and a sprinkle of gold, this textured bun will be the it look for all the events this season. Detailing the look Lindsey Olson, Sam Villa Ambassador @lindsey.marie.olson, shows us exactly how to get this look with ease.

“This is such a great look for anything from a holiday party to a wedding because it can be elevated with a sleek accessory, or pancaked for a more organic vibe,” says Olson.

Textured Bun Step-by-Step

  1. On dry hair, blow dry in Redken Root Lifter.  Using small sections and a Sam Villa Artist Series Polishing Paddle Brush, to maintain control of the hair. It will be sticky and wet to begin, trust the process, continue to dry until hair is 100% dry. This gives all the foundation to add texture and control.
  2. Using a Sam Villa Artist Series 2-in-1 Marcel Iron and Wand, use both the 1”
    and 11/2” to create spiral wrapped curls with different sizes. This gives the most effortless curl pattern.
  3. Brush curls out with hands or wide tooth comb.
  4. Separate the front of the hair from back.  Leave the front out and down while working on the back.
  5. Create 2 separate off set ponytails at the back of the head. Tease each ponytail with Redken Dry Texture Spray.
  6. Wrap bottom ponytail around top ponytail.  Repeat with top ponytail to create a bun
    Secure with hair pins to keep a lose textured finish.
  7. Bring the front of the hair to the back, using hands to separate curls and design a soft texture. Pin the hair into the bun.
  8. Add Redken Spray Wax for a shiny topcoat finish and embellish with an accessory.

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