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As artists, we’ve seen stylists stripping down their concepts and returning for a brand new start. In this collection, Gabriela Revellese shows us the power of starting with a blank canvas and making a masterpiece. Read on to get to know her collection and see her beautiful work below.  

Splash of color is a collection of contrasts meant to challenge the viewer to let go of their pre-conceived notions.  Just as the most colorful painting starts with a blank canvas, this collection starts with the model as a blank canvas.  The inspiration was to create a collection that was not governed by conventional rules. 

The hair and makeup to create an original piece of art where no limits are on the artists.  Simple neutral tones are juxtaposed with eye catching splashes of color.  Every day reality interrupted by fantasy.  A world where Vendula could shift between simple aristocratic elegance and humble peasantry.  The first images are at the palace…complex, sophisticated looks that are full of volume and texture.  Then we move to the countryside village featuring messy chic looks with splashes of color in the hair.  The fantasy allows the entire spectrum of color to be used and with every imaginary “brush stroke” the social norms are stretched.  The artists challenging the viewer to accept all different color combinations.   

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Hair: Gabriela Revellese @gabirevellesehair

Make up: Pavel Bauer

Photographer: Petr Kurecka

Model: Vendula Hilkova

Styling: Anna Mareskova