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Near the bottom of New Zealand, a small town named Invercargill is where Natasha King calls home. An exceptional stylist with quite the eye for hair art, Natasha dreams up her creations here and finds herself traveling to Melbourne to bring them to completion with her stellar team. A Hair Expo Finalist and BTC Avant Garde International Winner 2018, Natasha's creations are extraordinary. Keep reading to get to know more about this amazing hair artist and the inspiration that went into her latest collection: Knights and Daze! 


The inspiration for the Knights and Daze collection was taken from a Nick Knight photo shoot, which used the amazing model Caitlin Stickels. I loved that he was able to create unconventional beauty. I wanted my viewers to feel emotion when they viewed my images.

This collection was created at a very sad time of my life, so it was important for me to let my feelings come out in my images. It probably contains my blood, sweat and tears, I’m sure! 


One of the biggest challenges I face when creating my looks is the fact that I travel to Australia to do them. My creative team is based in Melbourne and we come together on shoot day to make the magic happen.


Carl Keeley along with his wife, Belinda, is the owner of Chumba Concept Salons. He was first my business mentor and then turned me on to the creative world. He has taught me everything I know and backed me every step of the way. Along with Milana De Mina on styling and Lizzie Sharpe on makeup, we are the dream creative team! I am eternally grateful for everything Carl has done for me. I still pinch myself that someone gave me these opportunities for no personal gain! 


Due to my being in another country, it is imperative that my mood board is super strong to show my team exactly what I’m trying to create. I like to tell a story and allow them to bring their own aesthetic to the table. I trust them in what they do; this allows me to focus solely on the hair whilst maintaining an overall management of the final looks. 

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

If I had a superpower, I would force everyone to be kind! This world would be SO much better if people made more of an effort to be kind!

Future Trends:

As far as future trends I’m never one to follow the norm, but personally, I love short edgy haircuts that enhance women’s features. I love that moment where with a few snips of your scissors and you can watch someone’s face transform…that, to me, is why I do this job. 

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