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When looking at the health of our hair, most of us fall somewhere between “I’ve got a few split ends” to “My hair should be on the menu at McDonalds because it is FRIED.” We all fight with breakage, and the “million dollar” question is how, exactly, do I win this epic battle?

The reality is, unless you live inside an environmentally controlled laboratory, your hair will at some point suffer from a bit of damage, just from the daily wear and tear of life. Not to worry, there are a number of things you can do to minimize the damage and keep your hair healthy and happy.

While all your hot tools give you the bombshell “I’m hitting the town” look that makes you feel like a movie star, it’s probably the main reason you are experiencing breakage. We’re definitely not saying to lock them up forever, but if you’re going to use hot tools of any kind always make sure to use a Thermal Protection product before applying heat. There are a variety of heat protection sprays out there, and many professional products have the protection specifically for heat built-in. Ask your stylist if the product you are using has it, or if you need to purchase something to prevent damage.

The second thing you can do is lower the heat on your irons. You don’t need 400 degrees of heat, you’re not baking a turkey - turn your tools down!! You can get the same result with a lower heat and a few light passes of the iron. Also, remember that while it may not be your preferred method, there are other ways of getting curls and waves into your hair - like wet-setting or braiding before you go to sleep. There are heaps of ways to spare your ends from wreckage.

Hair: Nikki Nicole MUA/photographer/Retouch: Corsei Photography


Make sure you are using the right products for you hair, CORRECTLY. We’ve all got different hair textures and chemical makeups, so what works for you friend may be damaging to you. Be sure that you understand what your products do; if you’re using a clarifying shampoo every day, then yeah you’re gonna see some damage. Don’t be afraid to ask your stylist for help, your hair will thank you :)

Split ends. Ugh, am I right? While there is no “cure” for split ends, you can use Split End Sealers if you’re in a pinch and want to hide them. Sadly though, it’s only a temporary fix. Regular trims will help your hair stay healthy, and the more regularly you are monitoring your ends, the less you’ll have to take off in one chunk due to untreated damage.

Lastly, remember to take your vitamins, stay hydrated and occasionally choose salad over fries. You may laugh, but your hair needs water and nutrients just like the rest of you does. Hair that is dry and brittle will break easier and more often. So make sure you are drinking enough water and eating a healthy diet.

Unfortunately, if you fall in the aforementioned "FRIED" end of the spectrum, you may need to take off some length to help get you back to a healthier place. Chat with your stylist to find a shorter look (link to cutting hair off article) you love. Plus, change is good! It may just be time to spice it up a bit.