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One thing is for certain — you can't hide from it! It happens to all of us: One minute you’re casually checking out your strands in the mirror, then BAM!—you spot your very first gray hair. The good news? There’s no need to panic! Getting gray hair is completely natural, and while it’s definitely not a fun experience, there are easy ways to cope. Check out the top dos and don’ts for disguising grays.

DO embrace the process

Yes, getting your first gray may make you feel like you are a million years old, but grays can actually start to appear as early as your late 20s. And not all grays are caused by “old age.” Constant heat styling, over-use of styling products, frequent hair coloring, and environmental pollutants can also lead to premature grays. So rather than panic that your “biological clock is ticking,” pay attention to any other factors that may be causing those grays to appear.

DON’T pluck, cut, or pull out the hair

Ok, we'll be the first to admit...we've been plucking our grays. But, according to the experts, this isn't the way to go about it. Although, 7 won't actually come to the funeral... Unless you want to add “balding” to your list of hair problems, we highly advise against removing the strand from your head. Start chatting with your stylist about other types of options for your routine. From a semi-permanent gloss, like Redken Shades EQ to adding highlights to brighten and conceal, there are other options. You don't have to start down the single process train just yet. 

DO cover it up

While a fresh dye job would be the ideal way to disguise your grays, it’s simply not always practical. Instead, use a root touch-up spray or even a tinted dry shampoo in between salon visits to conceal any gray strands.


DON’T be afraid to experiment

If you're anything like us, your gray hairs have come about in a single, or maybe a few sections. The good news is that you can easily apply a few quick tricks to cover up your newfound friends. Another easy way to conceal grays in between dye jobs? Wear your hair in a new style or try changing your part. Any minor change will alter the way your hair falls, helping you better hide your gray locks.

DO give your tresses some major TLC

You might notice that the texture of your hair may begin to change as grays grow in. They tend to be a bit wiry and have a mind of their own. Because damage, product build-up and harsh environmental conditions can also lead to premature graying, it’s a good idea to baby your strands. Minimize heat styling, decrease your product use and protect your locks with leave-in treatments, deep conditioners, hair masks and nourishing hair serums and oils. Your hair will look and feel so amazing that you won’t even care about a silly gray!

Go Gray!

From gray fashion shades to going naturally gray, why not just embrace your hair - it's currently trending! Hello #grombre!! Thanks to celebrities and social movements, it has become more and more socially acceptable to rock your gray hair - we see you, Chrissy Teigen and Jessica Biel

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