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This Sunday and Monday, be sure to tune into Facebook for a one of a kind experience with the Sam Villa Team in partnership with Pivot Point, Redken, the Professional Beauty Association and America’s Beauty Show. The Show Must Go On includes two full days of FREE LIVE education taking place Sunday, April 19th and Monday, April 20th. Apart from diving into lessons surrounding various cut and styling techniques,  10% of all purchases during the show will go to benefitting the PBA Covid-19 Relief Fund.  

There will be special offers and giveaways (shears, razors, blow dryers, irons, products, mannequins, tripods and 10 VIP Cosmetologists Chicago memberships), every segment, 16 total!  An estimated 10K will be joining!   

Register for access and come back and watch anytime. 




What you can look forward to:

Sam Villa, Andrew Carruthers, Anna Peters and Jesse Linares will teach 45-minute classes with 15-minute breaks between each, featuring:

  • In-demand haircutting and upstyling techniques
  • Inspiration from the Sam Villa ArTeam
  • Time-saving tips and techniques for use in the salon


Sunday, April 19th:


11:00 - 11:45 AM EDT with Sam Villa

  • The Textured Pixie - Grab a mannequin and join Sam in learning how to think, say and texture pixies differently.


12:00 - 12:45 PM EDT with Jesse Linares

  • Long Layered Cut - Explore unique shear cutting styles to develop texture and movement in long layered haircuts.


1:15 -2:00 PM EDT with Andrew Carruthers

  • Foundations of Gentlemen's Artistry - Develop a foundational understanding of how to work with short men’s haircuts to create consistency and balance on any head shape.


2:30 - 3:15 PM EDT with Jesse Linares

  • Razored Bob, Featuring Razor Mechanics - The bob is a perfect canvas to get into the what, why and how behind razor techniques and trends.


3:45 - 4:30 PM EDT with Anna Peters

  • Foundations of Upstyling -- Braids and Twists - Discover how to create long-lasting upstyles utilizing the traveling foundations of braids and twists.


5:00 - 5:45 PM EDT with Andrew Carruthers

  • Fringe and Face-Framing - Explore fringe and bangs from, long and swept to short and choppy.


6:15 - 7:00 PM EDT with Anna Peters

  • Foundations of Upstyling -- Buns and Ponytails -Discover how to create structurally sound upstyles utilizing the focused foundations of ponytails and buns.


7:15 - 8:00 PM EDT with Sam Villa

  • Art of Layering: Tops & Crowns - Give guests the change and movement they desire, taking it from the top.



Monday, April 20th


11:00 - 11:45 AM EDT with Sam Villa

  • Value Added Long Hair - Add value to salon guests' experience through fresh approaches to long hair.


12:00 - 12:45 PM EDT with Anna Peters

  • Thermal Styling Techniques - Discover unique ways to use curling and flat irons to develop today’s trending textures.


1:15 -2:00 PM EDT with Andrew Carruthers

  • Today's Pixie - See how the pixie has evolved into a more shag-inspired shape with a cropped top and highly textured perimeter.


2:30 - 3:15 PM EDT with Anna Peters

  • Boho Bridal -Explore the new world of loose bridal looks and how to keep things looking artfully dishevelled while maintaining a solid foundation.


3:45 - 4:30 PM EDT with Jesse Linares

  • One-Length Bob (French Bob), Featuring Foundational Breakdown - Utilizing a fresh way to look at the natural head shape, discover a simple and effective approach to a classic look.


5:00 - 5:45 PM EDT with Andrew Carruthers

  • Texturizing and Detailing - Take an in-depth look at the wide variety of texturizing and detailing techniques and see how differently they can affect our shapes.


6:15 - 7:00 PM EDT with Jesse Linares

  • Request Hour/Fringe and Face-Framing - Throw out questions to try to stump resident deep-thinking hair cutter, Jesse Linares.


7:15 - 8:00 PM EDT with Sam Villa

  • Razor That Bob - Often overlooked because of the myths around this emotional tool, learn which techniques to apply to a bob.


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