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Is there anything better than fresh color and the perfect style to match? If you’ve been searching for a fresh way to show off your brand new color, consider adding volume! Couple that with undone waves and it’s a style match made in hair heaven. Creating an effortlessly romantic finish, Jake Unger and Warren Boodaghian of HOB Academy created this stunning beauty. Want to get a similar look? Take a peek at their how-to below!

Get The Colour:

  • Natural level 7/4
  • Formula 1: System Professional Repair Conditioner Mask 80g Crazy Colour Orange 30g
  • Crazy Colour Pinkissimo 5g 
  1. Start by pre-shampooing the hair, towel dry and comb through.
  2. Starting at the nape, take 1-2cm alternate horizontal slices and apply formula 1 from the roots through the lengths and ends. Continue working through towards the crown.
  3. From the crown area, take 1-2cm diagonal back slices towards the hairline, applying formula 1 to the roots through the lengths and ends. Once complete, leave to develop for 30 minutes, rinse and remove. 

Get The Style:

  1. Apply mousse to towel-dried hair and blow dry. Once almost dry, re-apply more mousse until the hair is back to a wet stage for a thicker and coarser feel.
  2. Finish drying hair using a bristle brush for shine.
  3. Crimp the hair until below the temple area, this helps to add volume and structure to the style.
  4. Begin sectioning the hair one-inch size sections, then tong each side vertically in the same direction towards the back of the head.
  5. Starting at the nape, brush each section through working through the crimped area. When brushing the curls through, be patient until all the hair locks together.
  6. Finish with hairspray and shine spray.