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Summer is just a hop skip and a jump away and as we feverishly await the spring season it is never too late to dream about the colors we’ll be seeing! While we love all shades of the rainbow, our eyes can’t help but light up when blondes enter the scene. Adding bits of blonde can instantly add interest to a braid, bring out complexion, or make your eyes pop! While we all love the shade, sometimes it can be difficult to know which shade is best for you or your client. With a plethora of new formulas and endless possibilities from artists, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite blonde shades you’ll be seeing everywhere this season!



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The contrast in this creation alone makes us crave this toasty little number. Frances Canola loves to add lowlights to her balayage client’s as a special touch in her process. “I typically always lowlight when my clients revisit me for a balayage retouch because it will maintain dimension and lead for a nicer grow in between hair appointments.” Because excessive balayage can sometimes become monochromatic, we couldn’t agree more with her choice to add extra dimension. Here, we find that the lowlights actually make the blonde appear brighter!




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Up until now, vanilla has been used to signal “plain Jane” types of styles, but this color is showing us that this creamy color is truly dreamy and anything but plain. A perfect shade to accompany any ombre, it looks especially ravishing on lobs and bobs.  According to @frances_hairartist , Clay Additive and 30 Vol. was key to getting this perfect vanilla to stand out. The tone and placement she created completely changed the entire look of the finished style!




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Some clients just love their ashy blonde and as spring rolls around, this beigy “Winter Blonde” is sure to be a fan favorite! To keep this shade looking its best, @constancerobbins knows the key is all about products and the home care routine to go along with it! “My go to is #Matrix #BrassOff it’s strong enough to combat yellow but doesn’t dry the hair out like typical toning shampoos or overtone it and leave the color looking flat. White hair doesn’t come from lifting or ‘bleaching’ the hair to white. It’s lifted to pale yellow, then toned. Lightening hair past pale yellow to white means very compromised hair, that may not stay on the head too long,” says Constance.




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There’s just something about a touch of warmth that makes everyone crave a honey-hued finish. It’s light and sweet and blends well with both light and dark bases. In this creation, @tonixxbatham balayaged her client to perfection and added a light touch of pink/orange undertone.




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This buttery blonde is the perfect answer to anyone who wants to look like a natural blonde. Seamlessly blending with the base, @balayagebylinet balayaged her client to perfection to create a truly lived-in look.

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