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The beauty of curly hair is that each head of curls is uniquely different. What works for one curly client might not work for another and because of varying curl patterns within one head, multiple techniques may need to be explored. To get a jump start on the change in season and to learn new ways to embrace your curls, take a peek at our top care tips for naturally curly hair!

Curly Hair Tips

Curly Hair Tip #1: Always Consult First

Many curly clients know to always ask for a thorough consultation prior to any salon appointment. Curly hair can be difficult to get right for a variety of reasons. Not only can your curls change from one season to the next, but also on any given day of the week. Everything from product usage, water, humidity, weather or simply the way you slept last night or parted your hair in the morning can impact your finished look.

Curly Hair Tip #2: Opt for a Dry Hair Cut

The reason why dry hair cuts are ideal for curly clients is that it lets the stylist see exactly where curl patterns fall and a more precise notion of how much length they are actually taking off. This way, the silhouette is easier to shape and with texturizing techniques, the finish will be easily able to recreate at home.

Curly Hair Tip #3:  Use Quality Products Geared Towards Your Hair Type

Finding the right shampoo and conditioner combo can be a challenge, but for the most part you’ll want to look for options that will activate your curl pattern while controlling frizz and humidity factors. Curls also need a great deal of moisture so finding a formula that focuses on this is key.


Care Curl Control Shampoo, Conditioner, and Mask






Curly Hair Tip #4: Don’t Touch!

After applying your favorite curl product, like Style Curl Cream, you’ll want to keep your hands completely off your hair until it is 100% dry. Touching or fussing with it prior to it completely drying will separate your curls and can easily cause frizz. Once hair is dry, you can either add a spritz of Style Brilliant Gloss Spray to define ringlets even more.


Style Curl Cream or Style Brilliant Gloss Spray




Curly Hair Tip #5: Touch Up With Tongs

Whether your curls didn’t dry quite right or they are suffering a flat spot because of the way you slept — you can easily touch up your tendrils with the touch of a tong! When hair is completely dry, use a curling wand that is similar in width to the size of your curls and utilize a flat wrapping technique to retouch any areas that need it.


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