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When we look at a finished style, we are often met with feelings of awe and beauty, and questions about how the artist created the work. We fell in love with Sophia Ance’s latest work and wanted to know more about just how she got the look! Keep reading for a look inside her exact inspiration and process!



My inspiration always starts with a storyboard and a sketch. This helps me organize my colors so I can visualize what colors I need to create and where I would like to place them. For this particular image, I was inspired by a picture of a rock under a microscope. Like this:

How did you choose colors?

Each color was picked directly from the inspiration picture. I was truly moved by what I found in nature. Sometimes, I focus on a particular piece of the picture; sometimes it’s the whole thing. In this particular case, I loved the contrast of the vibrant red next to the grey background. I wanted the red to stand out but not overpower the entire look, so I went with a strong fringe that I could bury the red under while still keeping it powerful. I was going to cut my models hair into a shorter look, but I wanted to get a longer shot first then I ran out of time. She actually did cut off about 8 inches to get to the length in the picture. Then, I shaved the sides of her head by her ears to make it more edgy and interesting.

What kind of prep took place?

We prepped the hair before we shot with a double process lightening and coloring. I wanted it to be smooth but still a little messy so I flat ironed my model and put minimal products in her hair so we could change it up later if we needed.


How did you work with your team to get the image?

I was working with my amazing friend Sara Jane who took the photos for me and the incredibly talented Sam Shields who applied the makeup. We went up to Studio Sage where we work and we did this on a Sunday afternoon. I originally wanted a different wardrobe, but the day of the shoot the wardrobe wouldn’t work and we had to change gears. I’m grateful to work with people who help me bring my concepts to life when I want to do something creative. 


What is your biggest take away from this shoot?

My biggest take away is to go with the flow and have fun! This shoot was so fun and very organic, but we did have to try different things here and there that I didn’t originally plan for. 

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