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Spring’s sunshine has finally hit our heavily rain saturated mountains and beauty has been blooming ever since! Superblooms all over California are sending people craving some color into the wild fields of flowers. Images of the spectacle have been flooding the social sphere and just like those poppies, clients are becoming interested in a new color for spring! Curious about the latest color trends for the season ahead? Keep reading for the shades you’re about to see everywhere.


Just like the weather, blondes are warming up for the season ahead, which is why you’ll see warm honey blonde popping up everywhere. With a slight undertone of copper, it is a great transition away from the cool tones of winter. This look is easy to achieve on a range of blonde and brunette clients with a combination of highlighting and toning! To see just how to get the look keep reading and watch the video tutorial below!


Formula A: 30gr. Cream Bleach 1:1 1/2 3% Tinta Cream Developer

Formula B: 20cc Semi 5.34, 20cc 5.23, 1:2 Semi Activator

Formula C: 20xx Semi 6.37, 20cc Semi 7.35, 1:2 Semi activator

Formula D: 20cc Semi 9.32, 20cc Semi 8.83 + 1cm Semi 0.33, 1:2 Semi Activator


STEP 1: In the top section, apply formula A with soft, blended strokes. (Use your color board to do this). 

STEP 2: Process time (max 50 minutes) Rinse and use Tinta After Care Program.

STEP 3: Create a heart shape section in the nape and apply Formula B on the roots and lengths.

STEP 4: Apply Formula C at the ends.

STEP 5: From ear to ear, create a second heart-shaped section on the crown area and apply Formula B. Do this only on the roots to create a smooth transition from dark to light.

STEP 6: Apply Formula C and D in the lengths and ends equally.

STEP 7: Apply Formula B only on the roots at the top of the head. Followed by a small part of Formula C and the biggest part Formula D.

STEP 8: To finish, apply CARE Color Brilliance Conditioning Spray and blow dry with a round brush to add polish and shine to the hair.


A favorite of It girl Gigi Hadid, this light and frothy blonde rendition adds slight warmth to any blonde shade. It is a great transition for any beige-blonde looking for a shade that doesn’t require a lot of upkeep but will add a great deal of dimension. From the runway straight to street style, this is a fan favorite we'll be spotting everywhere this season.


Formula A: So Pure 2 parts 7.22 + 1 part 9.12 with 1:1 So Pure developer 9%.

Formula B: So Pure 3 parts 9.12 + 1 part 7.22 with 1:2 So Pure developer 3%.

Formula C: So Pure 10.21 with 1:2 So Pure developer 3%.


STEP 1: Apply Formula A on the roots.

STEP 2: Section and apply Formula A on the triangular section at the top, lengths, and ends.

STEP 3: Apply Formula A to the lengths and ends on the sections above the ear.

STEP 4: Apply Formula B to the lengths and ends in this moon-shaped section.

Then, apply Formula B to the lengths and ends of the crown section. Apply Formula A to the lengths and ends of the nape section.

STEP 5: Process for 30 minutes, rinse and treat with the Tinta After Color Program. Then, dry and style as desired!


It doesn’t take a great deal of time, but adding a subtle highlight to your brunette shades will create a world of difference with the finished appearance. For brunette clients who are looking for a slight change that doesn’t require a lot of extra time in the chair, this multidimensional brunette is the perfect low-maintenance answer. With a quick balayage and tone, this process can easily be done while doing a root touch up! Keep reading to see the steps and watch the tutorial to get the look.


Formula A: 1 part water, 1 part cream bleach, 1 part 3% developer, 1 part Clarify shampoo.

Formula B: Semi 3, 1:2 Semi Activator

Formula 3: Semi 2/3 7.2 1/3 6.37, and 4 drop 6.53 with 1:2 Semi Activator.


STEP 1: Apply Formula A to the ends with a balayage painting technique.

STEP 2: Process for 15 minutes before rinsing and treating with Tinta After Color Program.

STEP 3: Color the roots with Formula B.

STEP 4: Color the lengths with Formula C, blending the mid-lengths with Formula B.

STEP 5: Process for 20 minutes before rinsing and treating with Tinta After Color Program.

STEP 6: Mist with CARE Keratin Smooth 2-Phase Spray into towel-dried hair. Blow dry and style as desired.

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