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If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that hair trends are constantly evolving. And, when it comes to hair color trends, it’s all about shiny hair. 2024 is the year everyone wants to ditch dull, lifeless color and create a radiant finish no matter what color or tone you are. Whether you’re new to coloring your hair or are simply looking for a new way to add shine, Wella Professionals Shinefinity is the one product you need to know by name.

The Allure of Radiant Shine:

Shiny hair isn’t just a trend, it's a marker of healthy hair, which is why it continues to be popularized. Whether you prefer a bold and vibrant hue or a subtle change, adding shine to your hair color elevates your overall look in an instant. The best part about this movement is that it’s not limited to specific hair color – brunettes, blondes, redheads, and everyone in between can embrace a lustrous glow thanks to Wella Professionals Shinefinity.

Get To Know Wella Professionals Shinefinity:

Wella Professionals Shinefinity is the secret behind any mesmerizing shine. An innovative glaze treatment designed to enhance and lock in the vibrancy of your hair color while providing a mirror-like shine that lasts. This sheer glaze is loved by stylists and clients alike for a multitude of reasons.

The Details:

  • Creates up to 250% shinier hair*, Up to 50% smoother hair** and Up to 50% softer hair.**
  • Lasts up to 6 weeks.
  • Zero lift, zero damage glaze service for shine you can feel.
  • There are 37 Demi-Permanent Shades that are intermixable.

With the latest hair color trends undoubtedly being all about shine, Wella Professionals Shinefinity glaze treatments help you achieve that coveted glossy finish. Say hello to radiant, head-turning hair that reflects a touch of shine.

*versus untreated bleached hair

**Instrumental testing vs. our regular demi


What If You Don’t Color Your Hair?

The beautiful thing about Shinefinity is that it’s for everyone! If you don’t color or tone your hair you can opt for a Clear Shinefinity service. It’s perfect for natural hair color that needs an upgrade. Clear Wella Professionals Shinefinity treatment is one of the most-loved treatments which is why it’s available in an XL (1L) size to add intense shine and deliver a smooth, soft finish.

Keeping Up Your Shine

Hair care is the easiest way to ensure your shine doesn’t prematurely fade. In addition to color longevity, healthy hair habits repair and protect the hair to create even better results over time. From over-processed hair to stress caused by daily styling, Wella Professionals ULTIMATE REPAIR is the answer when it comes to extending your shine! Chatting with Wella Professionals Brand Ambassador Dereq Clark, his favorite thing about ULTIMATE REPAIR, especially Miracle Hair Rescue is "how shiny, smooth, and healthy the hair feels after just the first use." He goes on to tell us that he uses Miracle Hair treatment on almost all of his clients, "Especially my color treated clients because I’ve noticed how strong my client’s hair feels and my clients notice it too. I’ve also been able to market the line to a broader audience whose hair texture is really curly to loose wavy because it benefits all hair textures – that’s what I love about Miracle Hair Rescue." He adds.

With the ability to create 12X smoother hair in only 90 seconds*, 99% less breakage*, shine that lasts up to four washes**, and strong detangling power***, this system is the best way to achieve high gloss shine between appointments. Add ULTIMATE REPAIR Shampoo, Conditioner, and Miracle Hair Rescue to your regimen to nourish and rebuild the hair from the inside out for a glimmering finish.


Wella Professionals ULTIMATE REPAIR Shampoo ($25.00)Wella Professionals Ultimate Repair Conditioner ($25.00), and Wella Professionals ULTIMATE REPAIR Miracle Hair Rescue ($35.00).

* When using ULTIMATE REPAIR Miracle Hair Rescue, ** When using ULTIMATE REPAIR Miracle Hair Rescue. Instrumental test versus non-conditioning shampoo, *** Vs. non-conditioning shampoo.


Add A Touch of Shine To Every Service With Wella Professionals Shinefinity

Wella Professionals is the N°1 Salon Color Brand in the world.* Included in this, one of the brand's fan favorites includes Wella Professionals Shinefinity — a glazing treatment that will improve tone and add a Touch of Shine to every service. In addition to creating unbeatable shine and beautiful true-to-tone results, you can look forward to the following with Shinefinity*Based on Wella Master Brand USD sales on the 2022 Salon Hair Care Study for the hair coloring products category published by Kline.

  • 37 Demi-Permanent Shades that are intermixable for endless color options
  • Offers up to 250% shinier hair*
  • Up to 50% smoother hair**
  • Up to 50% softer hair**
  • Add a Touch of Shine to any service such as haircuts, styling & blowouts, root touch-ups, hair coloring, or a hair refresh.
  • Tones that last up to 6 weeks
  • Innovative formula regulates the pH of the hair to ensure it doesn’t fall below 6.5 for balanced, optimal color results.
  • Can be used on natural hair color, after lightening, or in addition to gray coverage services.
  • Pick from 2 developers: Bowl and Brush Activator or Bottle Activator
  • Pick from Cool, Warm, Naturals, or Booster color palettes, Signature Naturals collection and the new Wella Professionals Shinefinity Flash Glaze shades are essential to use after any lightening service to create a bright blonde finish in just 5 minutes.
  • Use Shinefinity to create shine, refresh color and highlights, add tone, enhance dimension, or correct color.
  • 1 Shinefinity tube sold every 10 seconds in the world.

*versus untreated bleached hair

**Instrumental testing vs. our regular demi