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Wella Professionals offers countless color options for the professional in the salon and with its latest innovation, it’s giving you even more reasons to fall in love with their color. Get to know Wella Professionals Shinefinity — beyond just a gloss, Shinefinity is a zero lift, zero damage glaze service for shine you can feel.

Get To Know Wella Professionals Shinefinity:


Offering you even more service options, not only does Shinefinity create gorgeous results in the salon, it is environmentally friendly focused with a clean formula, free of ammonia, silicones, alcohols, direct-dyes, and animal-derived ingredients and has sustainable packaging made up of 85% recycled cardboard and a 100% recycled ALU tube.

It has 2 activators: 

  • Bowl and Brush Activator
  • Bottle Activator

Pick from two activators to create a no-drip formula that is either applied at the chair with a bowl and brush or at the basin with an applicator bottle — giving you the control or the speed needed to enhance color for various techniques. 

The Shinefinity Shades:

Available in 37 stunning demi-permanent shades for true-to-tone results, Shinefinity lasts up to 6 weeks and is ideal for creating natural-looking blended grey, as a glaze after blonding services, or as a standalone treatment on virgin hair to add endless shine and a silky feel!

Shinefinity is available in the following color palettes:

  • Cool
  • Warm
  • Naturals
  • Boosters

Additionally, Wella Professionals just launched the new Signature Naturals collection, featuring five new beautiful Shinefinity Shades. These shades are ideal for adding root shadows or counteracting unwanted warmth. Get to know the new Wella Professionals Shinefinity Signature Naturals shades here


Understanding pH Balance:

Shinefinify glaze stands out for its innovative formula that regulates the pH level of the hair throughout processing for balanced results. Aiming to keep hair in its most healthy state for a stunning shine and feel, the gentle acidic formula ensures the hair's pH never drops below 6.5 for optimal color results.  


Shinefinity Services: 

Shinefinity Glaze

Giving you the maximum benefits from a Shinefinity service, this service is ideal after blonding, as a standalone or on natural hair. 



Shimmer Melt Glaze

Created by Wella Professionals Global Ambassador Patricia Nikole @paintedhair this look pairs surface painting with a Shinefinity Glaze to create a gorgeous color melt. 



Additional Techniques with Shinefinity:

  • Corrective Glaze: Utilize this technique for color corrections— 20 minutes
     An ideal option to: 
    • Reduce brassy tones on blonde tones
    • Soften over-lightened and sensitized hair with warm shades to avoid muddy blondes  
    • Darken up to 3 levels for a natural end result. 

*Pro-tip: Work the formula into dry hair with the bowl and brush activator for maximum saturation or darkening.

  • Speed Glaze: Great to touch up tones in-between services — 10 minutes. 
    • For a fast and efficient service, choose a deeper shade for a fast result and apply it to towel-dried hair with bottle developer.
  • Balancing Glaze: Apply in combination with Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect or Illumina Color permanent color at the root and Shinefinity at the ends for a refreshed finish — 30 minutes.
    • Instead of using Koleston Perfect for a complete color match and balanced result, you can utilize Shinefinity to preserve highs and lows and refine color.

*Pro-tip: Shinefinity is ideal if your client has porous lengths and ends or you want to preserve natural color throughout the ends. 

In addition to unlocking a new array of services, Shinefinity Glazes have the ability to create various results on any hair type.

These include: 

  • Creating shine
  • Refreshing color and highlights
  • Adding tone
  • Enhancing dimension
  • Correcting color


Why You’ll Love It:

Shinefinity stands out for creating its own color category by giving you the best of both alkaline and acidic color. Creating a translucent veil for color that is never artificial looking, this zero lift, clean formula creates true-to-tone results even on porous hair. 


Stay tuned to learn more about new Wella Professionals Shinefinity and be sure to see the latest hair transformations @wellahairusa