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While every stylist has their own signature curl and wave, expanding your education this season is a great way to offer new options to your clients. If you’re looking to refresh your skillset this year, take a peek at some of the top curl and wave techniques that can be created with a wand, a flat iron, or a round brush and blow dryer!  


The traditional tool to create curls - with the Sam Villa Professional Artist Series 2-in-1 Curling Iron & Wand you have the ability to utilize the tension of the curling iron with the Marcel handle or the freedom of the wand for wrapping techniques. Play with the size of the iron (1” or 1.5”) for a tighter curl or a larger wave. *Pro-tip: if your client’s hair has a hard time holding a curl, opt for the smaller rod size. 


Using a flat iron to create curls is a great option for clients who need a bit extra straightening as you curl. With rounded plates, the Sam Villa Professional Signature Series Sleekr Straightening Iron won't snag or grab hair, which gives you the freedom to create curls or waves - U-shaped or finger waved in style. 



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Gaining popularity in recent years, the round brush + blow dryer technique can save time in the salon while creating cascading curls that last. By working in a curl as the hair dries, it gives it more chance to hold over time. For best results, use a Signature Series Oval Brush plus the Sam Villa Professional Ionic Blow Dryer. Pick the size based on length and diameter of section - smaller brushes for more curl or larger for a bigger wave. 


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