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In a world of work, working mothers, full and part-time students, traffic and commutes – women find themselves running out of time and energy in the mornings. In an effort to be on time and look good, it is no wonder why natural and mixed textures are on trend right now - most women just don’t have the time for elaborate styling on a daily basis. What women need now more than ever are the tools to keep their hair looking flawless even in a time crunch. In this tutorial, Director of Education for Sam Villa, Andrew Carruthers breaks down a few tips so you can give your clients all the hair hacks they need.

#1. Focus on the Top

When blow drying in a hurry, don't get too worried about the hair underneath...just get it dry and try to polish the very ends of the hair a bit.  Spend most of the time getting the top surface smoothed out so that it masks the hair underneath.  And try to use a blow dryer with ionic generation and powerful airflow to reduce static and frizz and promote a smooth shiny surface, like the Sam Villa Light Professional Ionic Blow Dryer. If anything, you can always pull your hair back into a chic messy bun, because when the strands on top are smoothed it will create a pulled together look.

#2. Fringe First

When running out the door and allowing hair to air dry, take 5 minutes to blow dry the fringe (or bangs)...it's a focal point so it makes everything else appear undone on purpose.  Using the small teeth of a Sam Villa Signature Series Long Cutting Comb creates the tension needed to redirect growth patterns and a Sam Villa Artist Series Finishing Brush is the perfect tool to smooth and promote shine.

#3. Let Hair Air Dry

The fastest way to go - apply Redken No Blow Dry Just Right Cream to damp hair, comb through and let hair air dry.

Take a peek at all of the tips and beautiful tools Sam has created for artists. For even more hair care and styling tricks, be sure to stalk Sam Villa Professional on Bangstyle and check out all of his tools in the Bangstyle Store!