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Get a jump-start on your summer hair routine and combat the effects of humidity, ocean mist, sun kissed strands, topknots and ponytails.  Taking care of your hair during summer means less stress once the margaritas and bonfires have come to an end and the fall season sets in.



First thing’s first… Put Some PREP In Your Summer Step

Between the chlorine, sun, salt-water and AC your scalp is going to need to nourishment. Try The Wizard; it will work wonders to replenish scalp and strands with its nutrient rich formula.  It is great for air-drying, but also doubles as a heat protectant and can be used prior to styling.


Need a little extra love? Brush your hair often and thoroughly.  Brushing your scalp increases blood flow, rids your hair of environmental impurities, and distributes natural oils down the shaft for lustrous stands.


Set Aside Some Time For R&R

Set aside time at least once a week for a proper deep conditioning treatment. Shampoo hair thoroughly with a balancing shampoo and apply a nourishing mask.

Instead of just leaving it on while you shave your legs, apply this mask and cover with a shower cap or towel. Paint your nails or watch an episode of Girls before rinsing. This extra effort will pay off in the form of silky smooth strands.  


Use Stylist-Approved Tools

Investing in a solid blow dryer, curling and flat iron make all the difference in your hair routine. It is important to understand how to use them; with different heat settings for your hair type and proper styling techniques, using high quality tools like the Power Cloud Repair+Smooth dryer will cut down on styling time and improve the health of your hair.



Now you’ve got the tips and tools needed for a successful summer ahead, full of fabulous hair. Be sure to stalk amika to stay up-to-date on the latest style tips and fashion forward tricks!