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Babylights have come a long way over the past few years, but one thing that hasn't wavered is their impact. With the ability to create a fine blend and radiant color, this is one highlight trend that isn't going anywhere in 2024. Uncovering the secret behind the look, COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY is sharing their tips to creating baby fine highlights with this technique. The key? Using CLEAR to accentuate highlights and frame the hairstyle while giving a shimmering radiance throughout the hair. Keep reading for the steps!

Babylights Highlighting Technique for a Radiant Finish


The Technique:

The Steps:

STEP 1: Section the hair in a circular section 6cm wide around the exterior of the head. Clip away neatly.
STEP 2: Create a triangle section through the part line of the head.
STEP 3: Foil the section using slices in a fine width, working on angles through the section. Work through the exterior section first, then work through the top section of the head, using POWDER LIGHTENER + 10 VOL (3%).
STEP 4: Apply 7.46 + 10 VOL (3%) as your global colour in between your foils.
STEP 5: Develop colour and apply finishing regimen.
STEP 6: Apply TONER to refine, 8.4 + CLEAR + 3.5 VOL (1%).
STEP 7: Develop colour, apply finishing regimen, and style as desired.