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COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY created a baby fine highlighting technique that uses clear to accentuate highlights and frames the hairstyle while giving a shimmering radiance throughout the hair. Get the steps…


7.46 + 10 VOL (3%)
8.4 + CLEAR + 3.5 VOL (1%)

STEP 1 Section the hair in a circular section 6cm wide around the exterior of the head. Clip away neatly.
STEP 2 Create a triangle section through the part line of the head.
STEP 3 Foil the section using slices in a fine width, working on angles through the section. Work through the exterior section first, then work through the top section of the head, using POWDER LIGHTENER + 10 VOL (3%).
STEP 4 Apply 7.46 + 10 VOL (3%) as your global colour in between your foils.
STEP 5 Develop colour and apply finishing regimen.
STEP 6 Apply TONER to refine, 8.4 + CLEAR + 3.5 VOL (1%).
STEP 7 Develop colour, apply finishing regimen, and style as desired.

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